Yes, Barbie Wavy Hair is the trend of the moment: let’s do it like Margot Robbie – The Wom Beauty

VWant to flaunt a Barbie-style look that won’t go unnoticed? Here’s Margot Robbie’s bobbed Barbie hair to copy right away.

There are no more doubts, Barbie’s style and her magical pink world have conquered every possible field. From clothes to makeup to hairstyle. As the absolute protagonist of the film and of the trends of the moment shows us, Margot Robbie.

And she does it by showing off a hairstyle that’s impossible not to love instantly. From Barbie wavy hair shocking. A look reminiscent of the typical summer waves that we love so much and that touch of romance that is inevitable in the character of Barbie in the movie version and otherwise.

A hairstyle that exudes simplicity and charm and fully highlights the very long blonde hair of the actress. In other words, never before have people and personalities come together to create trends for you to instantly copy and flaunt on your summer days.

If you are wondering how to create this wonderful hair style, then know that it is very simple. And all you need to do is start by creating classic waves all over your hair. To make them, you are spoiled for choice. From the use of a special plate to the methods without heatlike a series of braids to hold all night and cliffs in the morning.

Or even choose the band or the torches, to the eternal curls, which our grandmothers, mothers and yes, you will love so much. Especially after seeing it Barbie style waves that they can give you.

A hair look that fascinates at first glance, that exudes sweetness and softness and that highlights the hair with a beautiful play of movements and lightness. Be careful, though, because to replicate Margot Robbie’s bobbed Barbie hair, you don’t just have to give your hair glamorous waves.

The touch that makes the difference, in fact, is something else. The side parting is a sort of teased ‘tuft’ right at the front of the hair. A well placed wave that gives volume and a retro charm all over the actress’ hairstyle. A very small detail but a huge difference, giving Margot Robbie’s entire hair look a truly unique charm and style that makes you want to try it right away.

Jumping to The pink world of Barbie and showcases, one by one, her most iconic and trendy looks for this total summer of Barbiecore.

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