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largelight and effective textures, they guarantee performances that have nothing to envy from classic creams and could be a real game changer in your body routine.

If for the facial routine we have more than an abundance of products and textures, from essential oils to the richest creams, through serums, body the options available are much more limited, especially when it comes to treatment and hydration. Additionally with it rubs for exfoliation, creams And butter more or less dense, oil paintings, gel and some moisturizing milks have always dominated the body beauty routine market, but what was really missing was a product that was effective and absorbed quickly, meaning a product that didn’t take too many minutes to massage and absorb before getting dressed.

With less and less time available, as if slipping from our hands, even having to massage a delightful and effective cream, but too thick and tiring to be absorbed, is certainly a titanic effort. Not to mention the fact that often, even the lightest textures combined with the summer heat leave unpleasant sensations on the skin that are dripping because of too much product or because we didn’t massage well before getting dressed.

If we then add a good dose of fatigue added to a bit of laziness, it goes without saying that the body routine it becomes an optional step to be taken only when the situation is no longer sustainable – read dry, dehydrated and scaly skin, irregular texture and perhaps with some sagging – when in fact the body requires the same attention that we reserve for the skin of the face.

What are body serums?

THE body serums it’s nothing but body products with a very light texture that absorbs easily and doesn’t need much effort to massage to penetrate deeply and be effective. In fact, this is the main reason why body serums are destined to become real game changers that will conquer even the laziest of us. In a few seconds the application is completed – massage and absorption – and the effectiveness is guaranteed, because like facial serums it is rich in active ingredients that are effective without much effort.

In addition, as with the face, each body serum has a very specific function, whether it is moisturizing or exfoliating, so scrubs are no longer the only way to eliminate dead cells, but instead exfoliating acids – the same ones we use the face – to eliminate dead cells, for example. Alternatively, to hydrate the skin, there will be body serums with hyaluronic acid, or firming and antiaging serums.

Don’t think that everything is getting more complex. In fact, if you think about it carefully, once you’ve earned a black belt in facials, it will be simple and straightforward to transfer your knowledge to your body routine and guess what the best body serum might be for your needs. a joke.

Hyaluronic Acid Body Serum

Fresh Hyaluronic Energy Body Serum

Body serum with vegetable hyaluronic acid with a dynamizing function against swelling and water retention. Ideal for use all over the body, it has a draining, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect, it stimulates and increases the elasticity of the skin by reducing dryness, moisturizing it and increasing its brightness.

Clarins Hydrating Body Serum

A true concentrate of youth, this creamy serum combines the regenerating and moisturizing action of proretinol (vitamin A) and nenufaro white milk. Its action makes the skin soft and toned to the touch, smooth, uniform and bright.

Body Firming Serum

Comfort Zone Body Strategist Attack Serum

Fast-absorbing, localized intensive serum with caffeine, carnitine and pink pepper extract, serves to fight the imperfections of cellulite and gives a more renewed and toned appearance to the figure.

Fiori di Cipria Cosmetics Body Firming and Reshaping Serum (on Amazon)

Innovative body serum with firming and reforming action. Thanks to its latest generation active ingredients, it promotes the reduction of fatty deposits, neutralizing their reappearance. It also fights tissue relaxation and loss of tone by promoting the formation of new collagen fibers and stimulating cell renewal in the skin.

Rhea Cosmetics Morpho Shape 4 Topical Face and Body Reshaping Serum

Shock treatment that thanks to caffeine stimulates lipase, the process of breaking down and discarding triglycerides. Following circadian rhythms, it also works at night when the skin is at its metabolic peak. It also contains the active ingredient “NightShape”, a powerful polysaccharide obtained from marine plankton that stimulates the removal of lipids and reduces the appearance of cellulite nodules. The treated area is stimulated to metabolically eliminate fat, for a deep regenerative and toning effect.

Terme di Riolo modeling serum

Serum based on angioprotective antioxidants such as horse chestnut and gotu kola, which is an effective adjuvant to cellulite and allows the skin to regain radiance and softness day after day.

Bioline Jatò Re-Shape Serum Booster

A resurfacing formula with shocking action and thermogenic action that targets cellulite spots and fat deposits in critical areas of the body. Thanks to the innovative Niosomal technology, an advanced active delivery system, the serum offers improved efficacy capable of significantly improving the appearance of the treated areas by redefining the contours of the body.

VeraLab Reshaper Body Serum

Treatment with ingredients that act on local and resistant fatty deposits and exerts a slimming and reforming effect, promoting skin elasticity and draining excess fluids.

Body exfoliating serum

Ren AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum

2 in 1 2 in 1 serum enriched with AHA that exfoliates and moisturizes the skin in a single movement. Lactic acid dissolves dead cells and restores luminosity to the skin, while probiotic extracts strengthen the skin’s natural protective barriers and maintain its hydration. Xylitol, on the other hand, improves the flow of water, giving silky and glowing skin.

RVB LAB Meso Perfect Biphasic Serum Oil

Biphasic serum oil with a super pleasant texture that has a targeted action against stretch marks and loss of tone and elasticity.

Eisenberg Serum Aminississant Corps

Instantly absorbed liquid serum-gel that works deep under the usual body care and, day after day, reshapes the areas affected by fat deposits and cellulite.

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