Where does Zucchero Fornaciari live? His house in the village of Casa Corvi

Adelmo Fornaciari, better known as Sugarhas lived for more than 20 years in a villa in Lunigiana and, more specifically, in a small village of Pontremoli known as Casa Corvi. Zucchero revealed some details about this residence: it is an old mill whose interior and exterior renovation went hand in hand with his extraordinary personal reboot. In this comfortable and discreet environment, shared with his family, Zucchero Fornaciari was able to reconnect with the nature of the Massa-Carrara province, in Tuscany.

Where does Zucchero Fornaciari live?

On one of his streets Corvi Housein Pontremoli, Zucchero found and bought an abandoned mill in a state of decay and decided to rebuild it according to his personal taste. The result of the work carried out by the Emilian singer is an imposing estate it is surrounded by a large garden, where the farm animals and Django’s dog can roam freely.

If you plan to live a stone’s throw from Zucchero, in the beautiful town of Pontremoli, in the province of Massa-Carrara, you can check out the list of:

Based on his report houses for sale in Pontremoliit can be mentioned that the price of houses has undergone a percentage change of -7.7% (November 2023) in relation to 2022, with the price per square meter for the last period estimated at 889 euros.

How old is Zucchero and where was he born?

Adelmo Fornaciariknown to most by his stage name Zucchero, he was born on September 25, 1955 in Roncocesi, a small village in the province of Reggio Emilia.

How many children does singer Zucchero have?

The singer Zucchero has three children: Irene and Alice are the daughters he had with his ex-wife Angela Figliè while the third, Adelmo Blue, was born from his marriage to Francesca Mozer.

The house at Casa Corvi di Zucchero: the wonderful Lunisiana Soul

Tracing the peculiarities of the place where Zucchero Fornaciari has lived for almost 23 years, it is not surprising that the singer decided to build his house right here. Casa Corvi is the small village that welcomes her Lunisiana Soul (Lunisian soul), a beautiful name born from the fusion between Lunigiana and Louisiana, a corner of absolute relaxation for him and his entire family.

In several interviews, Zucchero Fornaciari shared how he found Lunigiana the perfect environment to restore a connection with nature, whom he felt he had lost after a complicated period in his life and career. Here he created his estate from scratch, later completing it with one farm. This place, in fact, is home to a variety of animals, including sheep, chickens, rabbits, two donkeys, three cows and a buffalo, as well as his faithful dog, Django.

By looking at the spaces he chose to show in his estate, one can notice the different rooms of Zucchero’s house. The singer has carefully furnished the large living room, characterized by dark shades, placing many armchairs and sofas in the center, a short distance from the large fireplace that offers warmth during the coldest periods of the year. As you can imagine, objects related to his passion for music dominate here, with various instruments scattered throughout the room, along with many awards which bear witness to his career and decorate the surrounding walls.

Lunigiana lands: between stone villages and hills

There Lunigiana is a border region in the north of Tuscany that has been able to absorb the different moments of its history to the point ofheterogeneity its main identifying character. Specifically: the Lunigiana area presents the following particularities:

  • castles and estates: often defined as “Land of 100 Castles”, gathers several medieval buildings in a well-defined area, almost all of which belonged to the Malaspina family. Fortresses, castles, stately estates and towers can be found near the river Magra or on the peaks of the Apennines.
  • wonders of nature: shaped by time and by the influences of Liguria and Emilia, Lunigiana is a varied region from a morphological point of view. The valley is divided in two by the river Magra, which separates the western side from the peaks of the Apennines. Descending into the deepest meanders you can admire the magnificent waterfallsperhaps the most beautiful of the natural spectacles this earth offers.
  • between villages and religion: at the base of churches, fortifications, statues, parish churches and works of art in this strip of Tuscan land there is the sandstone and the millennial history of Lunigiana is based precisely on this primordial element.

Casa Corvi, where Zucchero lives, is a symbol of the region’s important religious background: in fact, the village owes its name brother Bartolomeo Corvithanks to which it was possible to establish the first evidence of the site, dating from 1508.

Where does Zucchero live in Pontremoli?

The sugar settled Corvi Housea fraction of the town of Pontremoli in the Massa-Carrara province of Tuscany.

Zucchero’s house in Venice: a refuge in the city he loves

Except very dear”Lunisiana”, Zucchero Fornaciari confessed that he was enchanted by another city in his travels, so much so that he bought a house there. It’s about Venicea location chosen by the singer for the purchase of a new apartment, which he describes as the “sanctuary” in which he hopes to be able to rest and grow old.

Not much is known about Zucchero Fornaciari’s home in Venice, but the singer explained how his love for the Venetian capital was born by reviewing character in that of the citizens who live there: genuine people, closely connected to their traditions, very respectful and not intrusive. The love for Venice was definitely fueled by the different ones as well concerts which he hosted, among which stands out a moving performance in times of quarantine in a deserted Piazza San Marco.

The price report for houses for sale in Venice shows a price per m2 of €4,394 in November 2023, down -0.8% compared to the previous year. for the rental apartments, on the contrary, there was an increase of 10.1% with a cost of €18.4/m2.

Who is Zucchero Fornaciari’s girlfriend?

Francesca Mozer is the wife of Zucchero Fornaciari, the person who shares the “Lunisiana Soul” with the Emilian singer.

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