Where does Michelle Hunziker live? The wonderful home in CityLife

Where does Michelle Hunziker live? The Swiss showgirl, one of the most famous faces on television for at least 15 years, recently moved into a new apartment in CityLife. Like many other VIPs, with whom she has shared the scenes of various successful programs, Michelle Hunziker’s house in Milan is located in the most prestigious neighborhood of the city.

The price reference for one of the luxury homes for sale in the De Angeli – Fiera area in the CityLife area clearly shows a strong fervor for real estate in the city of Milan, especially in this area projected for the future. The price set for October 2023 is €6,851 per m2 with a variation of +3.9% compared to October 2022. Regarding rental apartments, the cost per m2 (again for October 2023) is 24.6 euros with an annual variation of +18.5%.

Where does Michelle Hunziker live? His new life is in Milan

After living in the quiet town of Bergamo during her ten-year love affair with her second (now ex) husband Thomas Trussardithe Swiss presenter moved Milan, not far from the studios where he worked for several years. For Michelle Hunziker, the new house is one of the innovations that has changed her life the most.

Michelle Hunziker’s house in Milan, where she lives for a year, symbolizes her personal restart after 10 years of an intense relationship, with many new stimuli that guide her in everyday life and with her harmony. new HOMEshared with his two youngest daughters Sole and Celeste.

Who Is Michelle Hunziker’s New Boyfriend?

After splitting with ex-husband Tomaso Trussardi, Michelle Hunziker’s new relationship, which apparently started months ago, is with Alessandro Carlo, an osteopath and physiotherapist from Rome who recently appeared in public alongside the Mediaset presenter. The two were reportedly snapped by paparazzi while watching Checco Zalone’s show “Amore + Iva,” before returning to the Hunziker home at the end of the night.

Michelle Hunziker’s home in Milan: style and furnishings

In an Instagram post dated November 5, 2022, Hunziker showed some details of the Milanese home, designed according to her needs and a reflection of a new inner peace the period he defined as “the most beautiful ever”.

The apartment where Michelle Hunziker lives is characterized by interior spaces that extend in height and width, with furniture modern and elegant in the style of many of the Milanese VIP houses of entertainment. THE soft colors form the basis of Michelle Hunziker’s home furnishings: from the white walls to the brass elements in the bathroom, the color notes of plants and flowers they complete the living room that inspires comfort and tranquility.

The hearth and the living room table show a preference for it marble in shades that are not too bright, consistent with the home furnishings along with carpet clean resting on the floor of the main room and bedrooms.

Paintings and life portraits they star in many settings: photos from her past depict the showgirl together with the other members of her family, and there is no shortage of shots that capture wonderful landscapes. Not just a house: for Michelle Hunziker this is one temple where she feels free as never before and fully realized.

Where is Michelle Hunziker’s house located?

The only information known about the house Michelle Hunziker lives in is that of the area, ie City life. From what she herself showed on her social profiles, the cozy house would be located in one of the imposing skyscrapers in the most futuristic neighborhood of Milan.

Michelle Hunziker’s home in CityLife: the VIP neighborhood

In which area of ​​Milan does Hunziker live? City life It is the area of ​​Milan that projects the most towards the future from an architectural and environmental point of view. A significant appreciation of the area, famous for the Milan Fair, has made this neighborhood a favorite destination for many famous people looking for a new home. More specifically, CityLife stands out for the following features:

  • a cosmopolitan atmosphere: the modern way of life, a clear sign of the globalized era, was favorable to introduce more easily the international community interested in settling in the capital of Lombardy.
  • password “vanguard”: CityLife Milan is a symbol of trend, innovation and sophistication in every way. The three most famous residential towers (Torre Isozaki, Torre Hadid and Torre Libeskind) are clear examples of how luxury and comfort can be combined in a perfect union.
  • sustainability and ambitious projects: the regeneration of the territory of Milan finds its most important projects in CityLife. From vertical gardens to recreational spaces, there is a strong display of sensitivity to environmental and ecological issues here.

From the porch of Michelle Hunziker’s house you can observe this innovative spirit. the exciting horizon line of Milan is colored with sunsets suggestive, especially for those living on the highest floors of recently constructed luxury skyscrapers. The presenter can say that she has no regrets about the wonderful view of her old house in Bergamo.

Michelle Hunziker’s vacation: from Tomaso Trussardi to her grandson Cesare

Tomaso Trussardi shared the house with Michelle Hunziker Bergamo for a long time during their love story, before their separation in 2022. The scion of the fashion family no longer shares this residence with his ex-wife. In this elegant villa in the Città Alta area, the main home of Hunziker with Trussardi, the showgirl was able to enjoy a wonderful view of the town of Orobic and the valleys that surround it.

The former couple had shared other luxury accommodations during their courtship and periods of relaxation between their various professional commitments: Tomaso Trussardi, Michelle Hunziker and the home in Forte dei Marmiin the city centre, filmed during their summer holidays between 2014 and 2016 together with their two daughters.

For last summer’s vacation, Porto Cervo was Michelle Hunziker’s destination of choice: a house in Sardinia she shared with her three daughters and first grandchild Caesarof the eldest daughter Dawn, he welcomed them for a break before returning to work.

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