When is the January 2024 pension paid? Take a look at the calendar

With the new year comes the first payment for pension checks. Many pensionersin fact they are already wondering when the January 2024 pension is paid and what will be the Calendar for payment at Poste Italiane offices according to your initial surname. Let’s find out together, we also remember that Italian pensioners will receive the check with the relative adjustment of the definitive index of adjustment of the treatments of 2023. Here is everything you need to know.

Pension payment January 2024

The Pension payment January 2024 will arrive on the first banking day of the month, identified as Wednesday 3 January 2024. While those who withdraw their pension in cash at the Post Office will be able to go, following the Calendar in alphabetical order, always starting from the first banking day of the month.

The January 2024 pension calendarspecifically, it provides that the payment will start from Wednesday January 3rd. In addition, Poste Italiane also reminds you that holders of Postamat, Carta Libretto or Postepay Evolution cards will be able to withdraw cash from the 8,000 Postamat ATMs in Italy, without having to go to the counter.

All pensioners intending to withdraw cash at the counter will be able to present themselves at one of the 12,800 Post Offices across the country from January 3 to 7 (morning only), according to the alphabetical schedule posted outside each Post Office . For more information, you can consult the website www.poste.it or contact toll free 800 00 33 22.

Here, in detail, is the Calendar for Pension payment January 2024:

  • from A to C: January 3.
  • D to K: January 4;
  • from L to P: January 5.
  • M to Z: January 7 (morning only).

Adjustment index

The automatic equalization increase, already attributed from January 1, 2023 on a temporary basis in the amount of 7.3%, was definitively determined in the amount of 8.1%. The relevant adjustment, equal to 0.8%, has already been applied to the pension installment for the month of December 2023.

Proof of pension January 2024

The INPS payment slip from Drafted January 2024 And In connection on the website of the Institute and can be consulted by pensioners to understand the reasons why the amount may vary from month to month.

You can consult it January 2024 retirement statement with Spid. As? From the menu on the home page of the INPS portal, simply click on “All services” to access, with a tax code and PIN or SPID credentials, the pension and related services service, which allows you to consult your monthly pensions and check the gross amount received in addition to the items that make it up.

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