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THE The spotlight no longer shines on big rock stars and their style, but rather on their girlfriends: hence the name Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic.

If you hang out a little on social media, you will surely have come across at least one of the various aesthetics that have been constantly following each other on TikTok for months and that inevitably and irrevocably influence all the new trends in fashion, nail art, hairstyles and , obviously, beauty. After a period of Goth and its revival thanks to the Netflix series Wednesday Adams, which led to trends like the Dark Academia Aesthetic, the Dark Mermaid Aesthetic and the Girly Goth Aesthetic, TikTok’s aesthetic has undergone a significant departure, moving away from anything minimal and “clean” and towards a new style, more raw and irreverent . After the popularity of Goth, we have moved on an attraction towards what is grunge, old school and scarred about the musical style of the 70s, 80s and 90s and it’s from here – thanks also to the worldwide success of the Prime Video series Daisy Jones and The Six – that the rock obsession Begin. The attraction to the grunge-rock looks and glamor of the era dominated the new generations of influencers and it girls, who, inspired by the characteristics of this style, created a real trend that reflects the characteristics: the Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic.

What is the Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic?

The spotlight on stages played by big rock stars no longer shines on the musicians themselves, but on their girlfriends: hence the name Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic, a a hymn to the style and beauty of the girlfriends of the biggest music stars of the time and… the moment. To immediately understand the concept, think of Anita Pallenberg, girlfriend first of Brian Jones and then of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, Pattie Boyd, wife of Eric Clapton, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty and Pamela Anderson and the troubled her story. with Tommy Lee, drummer of the band Mötley Crüe: what did they have in common? An impeccable style, following in the footsteps of their peers, in a riot of rock influences. But, if we want to give a more current example, we have only to think to Kourtney Kardashian Barker, who since beginning her relationship with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has undergone a notable image change, aligning herself more closely with her husband.

But not only that: the Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic is also inspired by figures who themselves transcend relationships with musicians, but perfectly embody attitude who wants to highlight this trend: from the pop star and protagonist of the series Daisy Jones and The Six Suki Waterhouse to Lily-Rose Depp, Julia Fox and Alexa Chung.

How to recreate Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic Makeup and Hairstyle?

Goodbye pale colors, soft looks and makeup makeup-no makeup and welcome eyeliner, smokey eyes, look smudged created with dark pencils and kajal blended in an imperfect and hasty manner. Everything sexy, imperfect, messy yet hypnotic and enchanting is also the Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic. Eye makeup focuses on dark and intense shades (green light for black, gray, brown) and pulls around neutral and dusty tones, which also range between metallics, shimmers, and shimmers as long as they’re in colors like purple, midnight blue, dark green, and so on. The lips, on the other hand, are colored with gloss and nude lipsticks, but also with red, cherry and berry lipsticks.

Hair is also a key element of this aesthetic: voluminous and unkempt folds, with a few rebellious tufts sticking out in front of the face are the order of the day. Kind of like we woke up and were ready to go to a concert. The important thing is that hairstyle, like beauty, expresses freedom and audacity.

But why doesn’t she call the Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic exactly?

Call this aesthetic the Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic subordinates the figure of the woman to that of the musician she is with, depriving her of a precise identity if not relative to that of the partner and implying that his style and aesthetics Rockstar’s girlfriend they arise and relate only to the woman’s relationship with a man. In fact, this same aesthetic that the Rockstar Girlfriend Aesthetic trend on TikTok associates with “girlfriend”—as a result solely due to the musician one is in a relationship with—was precisely that of the biggest female artists of the era. they marked times not only with their music, but also with their image. From Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, to Suzi Quatro, Patti Smith and many more.

And as Karen Sirko says in the series Daisy Jones and The Six: “I’ve worked too hard and I’m too good to be known as ‘the Six’s girl’.”

Being a rock star is not only a thing for men, and the aesthetics associated with this period were born not only thanks to male figures, but thanks to the contribution of incredible female artists who marked history and whose influence also aesthetic field , deserves recognition.

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