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In the golden year of the bob, the Italian bob is also added to the endless list of irresistible and must-try micro cuts, namely a fresh and romantic wavy and fluffy bob

There’s no doubt that 2023 was the year of bob hair: from Instagram and TikTok trends, to the new outfits of the most beloved celebrities, we were literally inundated with wonderful mini cuts that entertained us all year long. encouraged us to say goodbye to our long hair. Starting with his Expensive Box Chiara Ferragni showing off just in time for Sanremo 2023 and from the most talked about bob ever (namely Hailey Bieber’s) to his Zendayaby Jenna Ortega, by Demi Lovato and by Simona Tabasco. In short: if you hadn’t succumbed to the bob’s charms by now, now… I wouldn’t be so sure. Why; Because it’s time for the Italian Bob, the super-feminine and cute Italian-style short bob that’s already taken social media (and us too) by storm.

We’ve warned you: if you’ve been thinking about it for a while but haven’t had the courage to take the plunge yet, get ready to say goodbye to your long hair in favor of this fresh, irreverent and super cool haircut.

What is an Italian Bob?

Short and voluminous, the Italian Bob is the new it-hairstyle with casual charm and “maintenance” minimal effort maximum performance: not too tight and fluffy, it’s a wavy bob cut slightly shorter at the back of the neckwith full ends and upturned noses, inspired by the 60s. This soft but not overdone effect is achieved by working the nape of the neck with the razor and then thinning the cut with scissors, so that the overall proportions allow you to maintain a perfect styling, without the back blowing or creasing.

Therefore ideal for those who are always in a hurry and don’t have the desire or extra time to spend on their hair with straighteners, irons and stylers, the Italian Bob has the advantage of having a minimal and extremely quick styling: it is more destructured and natural than other bobs (because it does not have an angle in the front) it is definitely easier to wear than other bobs. Quite a lot indeed a brush before going out and voilĂ , you’ll be ready in no time. Additionally, another point in favor of the Italian bob is the fact that – although it’s still short – it doesn’t require an extreme cut to show off accuratebecause the ends that are curved upwards create a visual effect reminiscent of that of a short bob, even if in reality the hair still touches the shoulders.

Who is Italian Bob good for?

Another strong point of this cut is its ability to suit more or less everyone: it is very wearable by both those with straight hair and those with split and curly hair (because it only needs to be adjusted with more or less movement at the time of cutting ) is also ideal for those who want to change their style often and constantly enrich it with new characteristics such as tufts, straight bangs, side bangs, curtain or butterfly bangs or even longer bangs reminiscent of a layering that emphasizes the cheekbones. But not only that: his own extra points They certainly do not end here, because among the advantages of this cut is also that it can be created without a defined or predetermined line. Which means that the hair can be cut without immediately determining the position of the parting that we will wear in the coming months, but in such a way to move it as we want based on ours disposal (keeping it centered, sideways, far left or right, zig zag and so on and so forth).

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