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HHave you ever heard of digital aging? This is the premature aging process that affects our skin from the blue light emitted by all our electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

Today, thanks to the important information now available to us, we know very well what UVA/UVB rays and incorrect exposure to sunlight can damage our skin, but do we also pay the same attention to blue light from all our technological devices?

When it comes to protecting skin from light, few are taking action on it blue light they came from computers, tablets, mobile phones and all these series LCD and LED devices that we deal with almost every day for – alas – many extended hours, focusing exclusively on sunlight. But just as sun exposure can damage the skin and accelerate our skin’s premature aging process (which is why it’s so important to have SPF wherever you go and apply it regularly every two hours), so too blue light, a source of artificial lighting coming from the screens of digital devices, is capable of damaging skin cells. This harmful process is called digital ageing and specifically concerns all of these negative effects due to the use of the entire range of electronic devices that emit the so-called blue light, which weakens the structure of the dermis and accelerates the aging process.


What are the effects of blue light on the skin?

The effects – often little known – of blue light on the skin are more common than one might think: apart from the more well-known and famous premature and premature aging of the skin, this type of light directly affects the production of melatonin and , if it is absorbed by the biological tissues, it increases their temperature, thus ending up altering them collagen fibers, a protein essential for skin health that helps grow new epithelial cells that are responsible for skin elasticity and tone. But not only that: it is also capable of causing hyperpigmentation (i.e. skin spots and pigmentation changes), various redness and redness, dryness and high production of free radicals, which make our skin look increasingly dull in the long term, characterized by wrinkles and fine lines, uneven and even more sensitized and reactive.

Finally, if we are exposed to blue light before sleep, we risk altering the body’s circadian cycles, which regulate our biological cycle of sleep and wakefulness, creating interference with sleep itself and causing fatigue and stress which in turn is reflected in the skin. Our tissues, in fact, regenerate during the night’s rest, and lack of sleep can affect the skin’s ability to repair itself.

How to prevent digital ageing

So how can we prevent and fight digital aging if we are forced to interface with blue light every day? As well as a number of important tips to follow – such as wearing anti-blue light glasses, turning on the blue light filter where possible and limiting screen time(or take lots of breaks) come to the rescueor ad hoc cosmetics, created to protect the skin by acting as a “shield” between our skin and exposure to light computers, tablets and phones. Never heard of it? Browse our collection to find the product that suits you!



Niod, Survival 2.0 Serum
A serum that offers broad-spectrum protection against free radicals and oxidative stress, pollution, smog, stress, infrared and blue light, as well as SPF 20 protection against UVA and UVB rays.


Lierac, Dioptifatigue Gel Eye Contour Cream
An eye contour that contains anti-blue light peptides and also suitable for smoothing and revitalizing puffy and tired eyes.


Euphydra, Anti Blue Light eye contour
A moisturizing smooth gel against the signs of fatigue: dark circles, dull skin and suitable for protecting the skin from the artificial lights of computer screens and mobile devices.


Uriage, AGE LIFT Intensive serum
Thanks to the Blue Light Barrier complex, it limits the harmful effects of blue light and protects against pollution damage. Contains vitamin C, E, retinol, lactic acid and hyaluronic acid.


Ilias, Blue Light Mist, Antipollution and Moisturizing Spray
An anti-pollution spray that helps protect the skin from blue light and the harmful effects of pollution, while hydrating and setting makeup.


Supergoop! Mineral Mattescreen Mineral sunscreen
A lightly tinted SPF that helps control excess sebum while protecting skin from UVA and UVB rays and blue light.



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