Wet hair and latte nail art: Valentina Ferragni’s beauty look

VAlentina Ferragni on Instagram reveals the beauty look we will all love this summer!

Wet Hair and Nail Latte: Valentina Ferragni gives us the appearance of beauty peak of summer. Perfect to shine and seduce, between beach parties and pool parties. Chiara Ferragni’s sister is a true fan of glitter makeup and this time she doesn’t deny herself, revealing an amazing makeup look on Instagram.

For her close look, thanks to a shimmer eye shadow in shades of bronze and sand, combined with a generous dose of mascara. The extra secret? A drizzle of product also on the lower lip of the eye, to literally “open” the look and eyebrows slightly sloppy. To complete the beauty look, wet-look hair, which is very fashionable in the summer of 2023. After all, wet-look hair is a must, ideal to face the many summer commitments, between aperitifs and endless evenings.

To get the liquid effect, little is needed, the important thing is to follow some fundamental steps. First, start by washing, choosing suitable shampoos and conditioners, with an anti-frizz effect. That way you will be able to get one very smooth and soft base. At this point, wet your entire hair evenly, from roots to ends, choosing an ad hoc product.

If you dream of a hairstyle that lasts a long time, choose one Long lasting styling gel: distribute it throughout your hair, adjusting the amount along the length. Use a comb to push your hair back, always being careful not to create a parting. Want a more structured look? Next comes the natural distribution of the hair, sculpting it with the teeth of a wooden comb. Waves with a surf effect or super sculpted, wet hair are a guarantee for those looking for a glam look.

Combine the wet look with a latte nail art, ideal to enhance the wet effect. Milky nails are the perfect manicure for those who love almond-shaped nails and are looking for a solution that highlights the beauty of their hands in a subtle way. The beauty of this beauty look is that it can be easily transformed, allowing you to go from day to night in a few simple steps. Add a pinch of gloss, lots of mascara, but above all a highlighter to face an important party. During the day, however, opt for a lighter but still shimmery eyeshadow that allows you to shine even in the office, giving you the right vibes to tackle everyday tasks.

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