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smallcasual or classy, ‚Äč‚Äčaccessorized or left natural, the hairstyles you need to say yes to for the big day can be discovered in this collection of ideas and inspirations perfect for every season

Naturally free to express themselves, curly hair requires hairstyles that, even during the big day, are able to enhance their uniqueness and explosive character. Loose or gathered, wedding hairstyles for curly hair They should therefore aim to make the curls the star, while leaving room for each carefully chosen detail to stand out in the nave. Often untamed and characterized by a fluff that maximizes the dimensions of the sides of the face, curly hair knows how to find order and elegance when the situation calls for it, but has the special gift of conveying a deep romance, with a decidedly boho-chic allure. . Whether they are shoulder length, bob cut or short, tightly curled or rather wide and soft, the inspirations and ideas with which you will bring them to the wedding they are multiple and suitable to respond to every need, context and time of year.

Bridal hairstyles: a bouquet of inspirations for those with curly hair

Depending on the dress, the theme chosen for the decoration, the location and, of course, personal taste, wedding hairstyles I can move in opposite directions. On the one hand, in fact, there are the elegant, precise and neat finishes, while on the other the soft and relaxed shapes that above all in curly hairtranslate into greater prominence of the hair.

Loose curly wedding hairstyles

The distinction, evident when it comes to gathered hairstylesbecomes thinner but persistent even at relaxed stylingwhere curls can collapse in a studied way or express themselves through volume and complete freedom.

If you choose loose hair with a neat finish, more control is guaranteed accessories such as bandanas, flower crowns or headbands which, placed on the crown of the head, contain the hair and limit its movement.

Bridal hairstyles gathered in curly hair

If the curls always remain visible in loose hair, this is not the case in gathered hairstyles. The elegant cropsFirst of all pretzel, have the power to eliminate curls and, through careful styling with a brush and thick-bristled gel, gather at the back of the neck, keeping it very flat. also tailwhen pulled well, it limits the presence of curls in the back part of the hairstyle, creating in this case a game of dimensions and shapes that conquers.

THE soft crops Marriage, instead, they make the texture of the hair the star, ensuring that the final look has a romantic charm, with a boho-chic touch. Generally tied in buns or messy and messy ponytails, curly hair emerges both along the length and sides of the face, sometimes falling in side tufts with a face-framing effect, other times gathered behind the neck and revealing loose and soft waves from the roots and beyond.

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