Waterless beauty: the trend of anhydrous cosmetics

largeIs beauty possible without water? Let’s learn together.

If you take a random product from your beauty cabinet to read its INCI, you have at least a 99% chance of getting one that has the first ingredient aschute. Well, yes, drinking water is not only one of the main sources of life, but also one of the most used ingredients in the world of cosmetics, not only for the processing of raw materials, but also in cosmetic formulations, from skin care to the body cleansers, without sparing shampoo and care products.

LARGE’chute is the basis of sustainable development. It supports all aspects of life on Earth, and access to safe, clean water is a basic human right. However, decades of mismanagement and abuse have intensified water stress, threatening the many aspects of life that depend on this critical resource. The new generations, Millennials but especially GenZ, are much more sensitive to the water emergency we face and this awareness has led to more sustainable consumer behaviors and choices. In recent years, major beauty players have sparked increasingly innovative and creative solutions to meet this need that can no longer be ignored.

However, even if many try to limit the use or content of water in processes or compositions, in some cases water is really necessary.

Airy cosmetics or dehydrated beauty, what they are and where they were born

Let’s face it: when it comes to skin care and modern formulations, Koreans are second to none, indeed they are often pioneers who are the driving force behind many skin care trends. It is no coincidence that it was South Korea that first saw the birth of the former anhydrous cosmetics in 2015.

But what does it mean? anhydrous? As the word itself says, anhydrous cosmetics are those created without the use of water or with alternatives such as waters from fruits of certified origin, botanical extracts, waxes and oils and are in the form of powder or solid cosmetics activated with water or in the form of butter or conditioner.


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The advantages of anhydrous cosmetics

We have already mentioned that most of the INCIs have water at the top of the list (if you want to understand how to read the INCI see here) and, in case a refresher is needed, the first ingredient is always the one that is present in the largest quantity. quantity, then we gradually decrease with the percentages, until we reach the assets that are present in less than 1% which instead are listed in no particular order.

Even more shocking news, very often water is also present at 90%, so it means that what you are buying is the Ferrari of waters with some very diluted active ingredients, but in anhydrous cosmetics this is not the case, because precisely the ingredient is missing mainly to dilute them, so more concentrated and therefore more effective (then there would be the chapter on what concentration is sufficient for an active ingredient to be effective, but that is another chapter).

But it doesn’t end here. Less water in the formula also means smaller packaging and therefore less post-consumer waste and lower CO emissions2 in transit: practically a win on all fronts, greater skin benefits, lower environmental impact and (almost) clear conscience.

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