Top 15 Sites to Watch series online Free TV Shows with Complete Episodes

Watch series online Free

In this busy life who don’t want to watch a movie at home comfort, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing. In the very old days, people love to watch TV with family members sitting in front of the TV screen. But this time has gone. Now, most people entertain themselves all alone with computers, laptops, and mobile with the help of an internet Wlan connection. As we are getting pretty much everything in the air, it’s much easier to catch up with the most remarkable shows without any hassle. It becomes possible for some online TV sites where you can watch everything without pay a single cent.

Yes, it’s possible, and you can happily switch to watching TV channels on laptops, smartphones, and computers. Today there are various sites available that not only features all famous currently running TV serials but also some old TV series, sports, entertainment, and the latest news. Some of the sites have their own websites, and they can run all sorts of entertaining funny shows that match your taste.

So as there there are numerous channels are available, you must create your own top watch-to list. So to make this work easy here, we have picks top 15 Sites to Watch series online Free TV Shows with Complete Episodes. You can choose anything from here and utilize your time efficiently. This list will help you definitely if you want to save some money by buying a premium version of old stuff and interested in watching series online. So, enjoy these 15 sites and start choosing the most prominent one.

Top 15 Sites to Watch series online Free TV Shows


TVPlayer is a popular TV streaming service in the UK. It is generally UK based channel and focused on UK culture. So, if you are in the UK now, you can take the great advantage of this by watch tv series online free full episodes without downloading. It has a total of 95 channels available in both desktop and mobile devices, and some series represented as live. People can also upgrade the account by adding monthly some fee in order to get an extra 30 premium channels.

However, the UK people can enjoy discovery, BBC 1, ITV, Dave, Lifetime, History, and many more unpaid channels. By simply sign in to the account and verify their emails, you can get into this TV channel before you start watching.

Although it restricted to only UK people, the USA people can also watch this TV by using a VPN. But how will you do that? You can change your IP address from the USA to the UK and use it without any geographical restrictions. When TV checks for verification, it will get the required IP and allow you to access the TV channel. Otherwise, it will block the IP. So, it’s easy to get around with TVPlayer


Yidio is an aggregator for different TV series and directs you move on third party sites once you click the special episode for viewing. In the right sidebar of this screen, you can see the popular episode which recently added or running. You can also filter according to the TV channel availability.

There is also a menu bar at the top of the screen by which you can sort out all the latest shows available in paid streaming services. But here you can filter the option without any charge.So what happens when you click on the shows? First, you will see IMDb provided a summary with images of the episode, and then you can see the short clips available to watch. As it is an aggregator, it shows only lists without charges, but if you want to see the complete episode, you have to go for the paid version.


Fmovies is called the Netflix and Amazon prime alternative, and you can watch series online free TV shows. The only difference between them is subscriptions, which based on for few days of free trials. If you want to watch current shows or want to watch longer TV shows later, Fmovies gives you a lot, and that’s why it becomes a very popular TV streaming website. Like other traditional TV channels, you don’t need to sign up unnecessarily. What you have to do is just start watching the series. Some pop-up based ads are there. But it’s very less, and if you have a problem with that, also you can use an adblocker for not to view the ads again. But it’s easy to cope up with.

Furthermore, Fmovies always provide high-quality HD video with nice images and pictures. So, you can enjoy lots and lots of watch series online free and watch tv series EU encluding fear the walking dead, the Flash, Arrow, Game of thorns, and a host of others. This site is kept on an update every one hour with a new series and episodes. It is one of the best features of Fmovies.

Sony Crackle

When we consider the best free sites for TV shows streaming without any dough, Sony crackle first knocks into our mind. It happens for lots of reasons. Like, we knew Sony is one of the leading entertainment company which has its own platform in the world. Obviously, they can produce many blockbuster movies  to watch series online free

After this, the sony crackle interface is very neat and clean and very easy to use. As they have a good amount of exclusive and original TV shows on their site, you can easily enjoy lots of full episodes or shows for free. Plus it has lots of movie sites which produces excellent video resolution movies and filter facility. By using this filter, you can sort out your favorite movies from the library.

 Sony crackle can even operate from a mobile app. Instead of rushing home to watch your favorite series through a cable connection, you can watch the TV shows or episodes on PC, laptop, and mobile. For doing this, just download the app and get ready to watch series online free from any Android and ios device. You can also download the app from Google Playstore and use it on your iPad or iPhone.

The only drawback with this site is it has lots of ads that can make you disturbed. But this won’t bother you too much if you use adblocker and sign up on the site before watching any movies.


If you are serious about watching series for free online, don’t forget to know more details about putlocker. It’s a complete watch English series online and exist for a long time back and won the heart of millions of people. The main reason behind this popularity is its high-quality content makes people interested in log in to the site daily. We can say Its like a dose of entertainment there. It has thousands of movie collections. They also have good library series, TV shows, and other stuff to watch like Netflix series documentaries.


Do you want your tv series watch online? You can select Popcornflix. Its another high definition streaming site and allows you to watch online free. It offers you a lot of original web series, TV shows, full-length movies, documentary, foreign firm streaming, etc. This site divided into multiple categories like drama, comedy, horror, science fiction, etc. So, if you want to remember your childhood nostalgia memories, you can easily check in Popcornflix classic series. There you will get lots of iconic series such as Super Mario 3 Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, and many more movies.

This site is also well-known for its special “Staff Picks” section, where you will see all high-rated TV series and movies. Likewise, Popcornflix mobile app is also available, and this can operate from both ios and Android devices. You can also watch your favorite movies and series with its quick interface option. More importantly, you can navigate all these movies and series stuff without signing in it.

Hotstar TV Series

Hotstar TV Series is another well-known name in the watch tv shows online free Reddit world, and this is famous for its user-friendly interface. In this site, all the categories divided into alphabetical wise. So you can spend more time watching rather than thoughtfully searching on the net. It’s an Indian based website and launched a few years back only. Soon it becomes very common to get lots of emblazonment.

It allows the user to stream the uncommon online TV series, which is not available on Netflix like Game of Throne and HBO series. This site provides not only movies but also all sorts of videos, songs, and much more included here. Like another expensive site, Hotstar TV Series is also app supported. Therefore you can use this app and enjoy your time in the best way by enjoying movies and masti.

 MX player

MX Player is great for Indian movies, and it has a very clean interface. It has both movies and TV series, news, sports, games, etc. along with India movies and TV series. It also acted in some English movies which you can enjoy. The rest of the things also helps these channels to become stand out, and that’s why it’s gain a lot of progress. The fascinating part of using MX Player is you can enjoy everything without login into it.


The next, the best Watch series online Free TV streaming is Tubi. By using this site, you can easily avoid sign up hassle and enjoy all kinds of series, episodes, and movies. When you start your favorite movies on this site, you can also make your most interesting playlist to watch later. The best thing about using this site is you can leave your movies at any time and can start watching again at another time.

You don’t need to do the download to watch later. Isn’t it really cool stuff? Of course, it is.  Equally, it has a great interface, and all sorts of crime TV, comic episodes even TV comedies series included in this channel. Last but not least, you can also run some multiple devices on this channel and get an excellent experience.

Yahoo View

Yahoo view represents all Hulu features of TV streaming content. It is the oldest site of all the TV streaming but soon becomes popular after closing of Hulu section. Yahoo view has got the partnership and launches bot Hulu’s series and their own TV series. So, you can see all types of comedy, drama, series, and reality show in Yahoo view as it delivers different generics of the TV show.

There is also a separate section for children and animal lovers so that you can easily get a huge collection of these series. As per quality concern, it produced very high-quality video animation and played in a high resolution.


Cafehulu is another excellent web TV series on our list, which has tons and tons of good schemes and flashy designs. The groundbreaking point of this Cafehulu is it has dozens of video hosts links for a single period of series. It means if any links go down, you will have nearly 20+ other links to watch from. It also makes the content easy “accessible” and “active” for a very long period of time.

Equally, Cefehulu is one type of hidden gem site for producing quality content and serving incredible. It’s happening not only for series lovers but every type of person who likes to enjoy TV every time. Because there are no pop-ups, intrusive ads, and host the series in nicely.


Sometimes only streaming the favorite videos is not feasible. We need to download that to enjoy later. So, if you are looking for the same and like to enjoy classic and old movies and songs, then go for Retrovision. Nowhere else! Because you can find all the oldest movies, TV Series, songs, videos in this easy user interface based website.

With all of these, it offers you a high quality top-rated classical collection of TV shows under the public domain. Just you need to sign-up on the site, select your choice, and download it for further use. It’s also very simple to operate


Almost everyone now a day knows about Netflix, and it has become the no one site to watch TV online. It shows a number of American TV series with many other countries’ movies and series.  This site has nearly 86 million members, and it’s available more than 190 countries in the world.

More than 125 million hours it occupied the shows, movies per day can you imagine? It is a huge telecast, including feature films, documentaries, original TV series, etc. All the members of this site can play anytime, anywhere, anything they want with just only the internet connection. In fact, users can play, rewind, forward even stop the resume watching without any commitments or commercial ads. That’s why you can instantly watch any streaming player, game console, TV shows via your smart, visit HD (High Definition) and UHD (Ultra High Definition) high-quality movies on Netflix and get the best.


Our final, the best watch series online free channel is YouTube and truly saying this is one of the no one most demanding TV shows sites in the world. By doing the only subscription through the internet, you can broadcast any TV show you have chosen. Its site was launched in 2005 and soon become the heart of millions of people to discover watching series and subscribe and share original videos. Generally, generally,

YouTube works on original content and small or medium advertisement and keeps people connect, inspire, and inform of different video categories all over the world. It also acts as a distributor and works all over the world. Therefore if you are looking for a free platform for TV shows, think about YouTube twice. The other reason why this is the best is it has an English dubbing facility and also can bookmark the favorite shows. So, go ahead with this and enjoy your best speed.

To watch online for free, you can also use speed. It’s totally a hassle-free system where you will get a large number of series, TV shows, and video streaming. By just login into the site, you can enjoy all sorts of web/TV series. You can also use the filter and make your own choice while watching. Its a very trending and popular TV site to Watch series online Free.

Final verdict:

We hope this article highly assists you in finding out and Watch series online Free TV Shows with Complete Episodes. But mistakenly, if we forget to include any part, please don’t forget to let us know via the comment section. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you. However, we expect you have benefited from our list and would like to use it in your daily life. From our point of view, I found Netflix is the best performing TV streaming site as it has a maximum no of channels and users. But what’s your choice?

Let us know!

Thank you.



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