Trips outside the city in Turin: 5 must-see villages

In a vibrant but tiring urban environment like that of Turin, escaping the daily routine and immersing yourself in the hidden treasures of the surrounding villages is an experience that can provide relaxation and well-being.

Turin is not only a city rich in history and culture, it is also surrounded by enchanting landscapes and enchanting villages.

Let’s discover five villages worth visiting for a while day trip from Turin.

1. Bardonecchia


This lovely Alpine village is not far from Turin and is one of the most beautiful ski destinations in Piedmont.

Not only winter sports, however, with its welcoming atmosphere and numerous services for families, Bardonecchia is ideal for a trip outside the city, even with small children.

Excursions, panoramic walks and a wide range of activities for children make Bardonecchia one of the most simple yet exciting trips away from Turin.

2. Aviliana


Those who love to enjoy a break from the city without forgetting history and culture can head from Turin to the lovely village of Avigliana.

This medieval pearl located in the lower Val di Susa, in fact, offers its visitors a trip back in time and a relaxing atmosphere, ideal to spend a few hours away from the stress of the city.

The ancient walls, the cobbled streets, the medieval architecture, the old castle that dominates the entire panorama from above: Avigliana is a succession of emotions.

3. La Morra

La Morra
La Morra

It’s impossible to think of travel outside of Turin without talking about the food and wine culture of Piedmont.

For those who love escapades among the vineyards, but still want to live in a village, the ideal destination could be La Morra, a jewel of the Langhe.

In addition to the amazing view of the surrounding vineyards and mountains, in this small village you can taste the delicious local wines in cozy wine bars and taste the specialties of the Piedmontese cuisine.

4. Ceresole Reale

Royal Cherry
Royal Cherry

There are also those who, for their trip outside of Turin, want to enjoy a trip to unspoiled and wild nature.

In that case, a good idea might be to head to Ceresole Reale.

Located in the Gran Paradiso National Park, this lovely village is surrounded by majestic mountains and a crystal clear lake and offers its visitors many and exciting hiking trails, suitable for both beginners and more experienced hikers.

5. Saluzzo


An ideal day trip from Turin for couples? Among the many options, the village of Saluzzo is certainly one of the most evocative.

The cobbled streets, historic buildings and panoramic views of the plain below make it the ideal destination for a romantic getaway, which will be embellished with a lunch or dinner in the characteristic and intimate local restaurants, tasting traditional and excellent local wine dishes.

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