Treatments for oily hair: natural and DIY methods

Qwhen the beauty routine is not enough, it is necessary to rely on ancient natural methods, which take advantage of the wisdom of grandmother’s remedies to restore volume and health to the hair, caring for oily hair to regain balance

They look heavy at the roots, shiny, dirty not far from the shampoo: i thick hair they seem indomitable. It’s his faultoveractivity of the sebaceous glands which, located at the base of the hair follicles, cause shiny, shiny roots heavy and dirty. Normally, sebum performs a very important function, i.e. protecting the skin, creating a shield against external attacks, as well as moisturizes and strengthens the hair. If it is produced in excessive amounts, however, the result is hair that looks darker than normal and often also has a bad odor, itchiness, and skin irritation. To make the gods necessary targeted treatments for oily hairhowever, it is not only the presence of sebum, but the liquefaction. If it becomes runnier than normal, it actually spreads much faster on the skin, giving the hair a greasy and heavy look.

Greasy hair: the causes

The causes of oily hair can be many. In fact, it is a problem that affects men, women and teenagers without distinction. The main factors that can lead to excessive sebum production, in fact, are:

  • wrong feeding
  • hormonal imbalances
  • very aggressive cosmetics
  • pollution
  • stress and anxiety

Treatments for oily hair: how to wash it?

There cleaning oily hair It is a fundamental step in caring for your hair and limiting the effects of sebum on the scalp. The goal, in fact, is to control its production through specific shampoos that take care of the scalp, balancing it. The ideal is to concentrate on massaging the scalp, avoiding excessive rubbing on lengths and ends. Among the ingredients to look for oily hair care there are cedar sap and sulphur, rosemary oil and birch extract, with properties astringent and sebum regulator. Beware, however, of do not apply conditioner roots, which could be burdened. A great idea is also to regularly use a scalp scrub, which can make your hair lighter and more vibrant.


The Purifying Low Shampoo from the Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino range gently cleanses the scalp, delaying the reappearance of dry or oily dandruff.


The Biopoint Re-Balance Regulating Shampoo formula combines a complex of astringent plant extracts (birch and arnica) with a sebaceous activity normalizing agent. Enriched with vitamin B5, it strengthens and increases hair elasticity.


From Briogeo, Scalp Revival is a creamy micro-exfoliating shampoo containing gentle cleansing agents, derived from coconut, and plant-derived exfoliating agents to gently remove dead cells and impurities from the scalp and hair.


Hydrating and emollient, Christophe Robin’s Scrub Lavant Purifiant acts as a detoxifying treatment to cleanse and balance oil-prone scalps. The formula, in fact, contains sea salt – a natural exfoliant that frees the scalp of impurities and stimulates blood circulation – ensuring lightness to the scalp.


With niacinamide with a balancing action, Collistar’s Attivi Puri Hair Series Scrub removes surface build-up of excess sebum, pollution and micro-dust.


Garnier’s Ultra Sweet Purifying & Moisturizing Balm works on oily scalp and dry lengths. The formula enhanced with purifying caraway oil and black nigella seed works on the scalp gently, restoring balance.


Cleanses, hydrates and soothes the scalp while reducing itching: Kérastase Specfique Bain Riche Demo-Calm leaves hair soft and shiny.


L’Oréal Scalp Advanced shampoo cleanses the scalp and hair fibers of sweat residues and excess sebum, giving a feeling of cleanliness, lightness and freshness.


Omnia Botanica Solid Shampoo for oily hair takes care of the hair thanks to the purifying juniper essential oil and mint leaves with rejuvenating and toning properties.


Renova’s Detox and Strengthening Shampoo with Probiotics (available at cleanses and purifies the scalp, restoring vitality and well-being to all hair thanks to its sebum-regulating action pyrocidal olamine and the stimulating effect of peppermint oil.



Oily hair: natural remedies

Following a healthy diet, limiting smoking and drinking alcohol is the first step in taking care of oily hair. When good habits aren’t enough, however, it can be helpful to choose habits natural and DIY remedies to control sebum and balance the scalp. To create a natural and cleansing compress, the ingredients to combine are bicarbonate and mint, to obtain a cleansing and slightly exfoliating effect. Also worth a tryapple cider vinegar, to gently massage the hair to obtain an astringent effect. Between natural remedies for oily hairthen, you can’t miss itclayto be left and rinsed with lukewarm water and, perhaps, strengthened through some thyme or rosemary essential oilswith tonic and antiseptic properties, ideal against oily hair.

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