Top 11 podcast series that may help develop your marketing strategies and business progress.

podcast series

Are you a podcast listener? Like to know the new things and innovations downloading podcast series from the internet? Then it’s a great media to gather acknowledgment.

If you are totally unknown about podcast series then don’t be upset. Today I am here to notify you about podcast series. So stay with us to know about podcast series.

So starts with what is podcast series? A Podcast is a periodic series of digital audio files that users have to download from Google drive to their expected quires to listen.

 Users can upload podcast series Facebook promoting as well as YouTube.

Podcast series is really helpful to know about E-marketing and E-commerce business. People can easily gather their business information, tips, and tricks.

Now, I am a shearing 11 podcast series that may help you in developing your marketing strategies and business progress.

1. Social Media Happy Hour by Tracy Reuters & Don Mars Ortiz:

This podcast series is made up of episodes in different byte sizes, and each episode lasts from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. In this podcast series, you will learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

If you have less time on your hands and want to quickly learn or learn something, this podcast series is for you. This podcast channel offers new episodes every day.

2. Glenn Versus Google (Viperchill Podcast) by Glenn Allsop:

Glen Allsop’s SEO or Search Engine Optimization-based podcast series is way ahead of all other podcast series. Allsop has worked for about 3 companies and shares important information about SEO on his blog and podcast channel.

While Allsop doesn’t add too many new episodes to its podcast, those who are keen to learn SEO can subscribe to its podcast series.

3. Growth Everywhere by Eric Sew:

This podcast series is very short, and new podcasts are given 3 times a week. This weekly podcast series from 5 minutes to 20 minutes discusses SEO, WordPress, hiring, operations and more. This podcast channel is on air 7 days a week.

4. Antiprior by Ben Settle:

Ben Settle is one of the most successful e-mail marketers in the world. He makes his argument on various marketing topics. For those who want to know more about e-mail marketing, Ben Settle has created an e-mail list called ‘Email Players’.

At the same time, he created MacMethod Podcasts with e-mail marketing, and through these podcasts, he would learn e-mail marketing in just a few months, not years.

5. My wife quit rate job by Steve Chow:

If you are curious about how to create a profitable online store, Steve Chow is the right person. He helped his wife start an e-commerce business that made 1 million in just 12 months.

Chow interviews other marketers and entrepreneurs on his podcast channel. From these interviews, you will find tips and strategies for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Use these tips and tricks to help your online business.

6. Conversion cast by team pages:

This podcast channel is very important if you want to increase your conversion rate. Tim Page interviews other people and tries to find out how they have increased their conversion rate. As a result, you will learn about various practical strategies in this regard.

This Podcast series is very useful if you want to increase CTR or Click Through Rate. it also helps to increase the lifetime value of your customers, or convert your leads into 5%.

7. Growth Byte Growth Hacker TV:

The founders of Growth Hacker TV created the Growth Byte Podcast channel. The site mainly interviewed startup entrepreneurs in various marketing experts and user growth and growth hacking.

Startup Growth publishes short podcasts on relevant information on this podcast channel. Every day 2 minutes to 5 minutes new podcasts are given on this channel.

8. Ask Gary V Show by Gary Weinerchak:

If you have any important questions about a topic that is popular and outspoken, Gary Wei invites you to ask that question. He will answer the question on his show. His social media agency has more than 5 employees.

Gary Weinerchak will teach you 5 or 2 things that you can use to benefit you.

9. Askpat by Pat Flynn:

Successful online entrepreneur Pat Flynn has quickly become a reputed online marketer. He gave his listeners all the instructions on how to make a successful living online. He teaches about Virtual Assistant, Passive Income, SEO, List Building and more.

10. Seth Startup School by Seth Godin:

Seth Godin is one of the leading and respected thinkers on marketing. He is also a popular author and sells many copies of his books.

Godin shares his knowledge or thoughts on startup marketing and how people will create and launch their dream business in his podcast.

11. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield:

Amy Porterfield is famous for being a Facebook advertising expert. But he also teaches his own online course creation, video marketing, webinars and more in his podcast.

Final words:

If you regularly download podcast series and listen, you can expect to have a successful career in various marketing. Again you can easily create podcasts and do video marketing on YouTube. So follow the podcast series, marketing as well


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