This is the smallest city in Italy: it has only 31 inhabitants

In Italy there are other more populous countries and others less so, but its “title”. smallest city in Italy goes to Morterone, a municipality of 31 inhabitants in the province of Lecco. The town is located in Valsassina and directly borders the capital. Besides this particular record, there are also some in Morterone so many things to do and see: here’s what it is.

What to see in Morterone

Although Morterone is sparsely populated, it still has a fairly large municipal area, with quite a few things to do and see. Visiting Morterone offers a complete immersion in the tranquility and beauty of nature. Among the first stages, the Old town it houses the Beata Vergine Assunta church, dating from 1363.

Equally interesting is the Outdoor Museum of Contemporary Art. Created in 1986, it includes several geometric metal sculptures that integrate perfectly with the surrounding natural landscapes. However, to enjoy many of the services, such as restaurants or bars, you will need to move outside the center in the direction of Ballabio, the nearest town which is 16 km away.

How to get to the destination Morterone

To get to Morterone you have to travel from Ballabio la SP 63, about 16 kilometers long. Because it consists mostly of hairpins, it takes about 30 minutes to complete. From Lecco, the capital, the journey takes about 15 minutes. Therefore, to visit the country, it is recommended to arrive by private vehicle.

Hiking in Morterone: which walks to do?

In the summer Morterone becomes the ideal place to do hiking in the mountains of Lombardy. The paths, which cross the mountain landscape, offer amazing views and the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in peace and silence. Among the most popular routes:

  • Trail of the Big Trees: round trip of three hours. The route starts from the center of Morterone and winds along 700 hectares of beautiful trees.
  • Sources of Enna: again from the city center you can reach the beautiful sources of the river Enna in about 90 minutes.
  • Mount Resegone: the strongest can reach the cross on the top of Rezegone, located at 1875 meters. So you have to overcome an altitude difference of 800 meters, but the view is beautiful.

What to see around Morterone

The visit to country with fewer inhabitants than Italy offers the perfect opportunity to explore it as well natural and cultural wonders that are hidden in its environment. Specifically:

  • For lovers of history and architecture, a visit to Lecco it reveals a center full of charm, with its evocative lake and numerous points of interest, such as the Basilica of San Nicolò, Villa Manzoni and Palazzo delle Paure.
  • The Lake Como, with its enchanting shores and crystal clear waters, represents a mandatory stop. In the various villages overlooking the lake, postcard landscapes alternate with historic villas and lush gardens.

What to eat in Morterone and the surrounding areas

In Morterone and the surrounding towns, the cuisine is mainly mountainous, with strong flavors and suitable for refreshment when the temperatures start to drop. Speaking of first courses, very popular are the pizza candlesgnocchi or ravioli, or the famous risotto, often made with lunganega.

Finally, there is never a shortage of top quality beef or game. Speaking of dessert, it is very good Resigone cake, made with raspberry jam. As a wine, however, you can pair Terre Lariane IGT, a very famous product in the province.

Living in Morterone

Sometimes you may need to escape from the routine and take refuge in a quiet place, where only nature surrounds you, or even radically change your life and leave behind the chaos of the city. If you are interested in moving or looking for short term homes, check out the links below:

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