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Technology no doubt has changed our lives and it has also changed the face of the earth. We have never seen people a few decades ago gazing at the piece of glass or plastic screen, I mean the contemporary cell phones. Today we are going to talk about Theonespy cell phone monitoring software.

Now everyone has cell phone gadgets in their hands and continued staring at the screen of their phones. Every tech savvy person is fully aware of the fact that how much these tech-creatures have worth in our lives. Now we can send text messages rather than writing letters that used to reach in days and months. It is the digital world where you can send and receive text messages to anyone and makes calls to everyone.

The term everyone and to anyone is really creating issues for some people that don’t want someone to do the activities blindly. Parents are the ones that don’t want their kids and teens to send text messages, calls, and shared media files to everyone. On the other hand, employers don’t want to use the company’s owned phones for personal usage. However, spouses that are sacred being cheated by their partners want to keep an eye on their cell phone engagements.

What is the solution?

Obviously, parents, employers, and spouses have to use some kind of tech-tool that enables them to keep an eye on all the activities of parents, employees, and spouses respectively. So, don’t go far away, just use the cell phone spying software and put your worries to rest.

Introduction of TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software:

TheOneSpy Android spyware app is the best tool for parenting, employee tracking and for spouse spying. It has plenty of state of the art traditional and non-traditional features. When it comes to the price it is the best among all that provide you the best of the best cell phone tracking services. A user can subscribe to its multiple licenses within a reasonable price and users will get complete guidance from their highly talented and dedicated customer care representatives. Let’s discuss its features that are very sharp and accurate to get the job done for you.

GPS location tracker

A user can track the GPS location of the target cell phone if the spy app for phones has already installed on the phone. A user will get exact and current location, location history, and a user will be able to mark safe and restricted areas.

TOS spy 360:

A user can use TOS spy 360 and can listen to surrounding sounds and conversations in real-time with the help of spy 360 live surround listening. A user can hack the camera of the target phone and can view live activities happen in the surroundings by using the spy 360 live camera streaming. Furthermore, a user can broadcast the screen of the phone into the online web portal by using the spy 360 live screen sharing and a user will be able to see live screen activities of the target phone by getting access to the online dashboard.

Live screen recording:

A user can perform live screen recording of all the activities happen on the target phone. A user can do the live screen recording of all the trendy IM’s, Chrome live screen recording, SMS screen recording, Gmail screen recording, YouTube screen recording, and password chaser.

TOS call recording:

TheOneSpy secret call recorders enable a user to listen and record all the incoming and outgoing calls on the target cell phone and they can save it over the internet.

Text messages spy

A user can get their hands on sent and received text messages on the target phone and it further empowers a user to view MMS, BBM chat messages, messages and heads up tickers notification.

Remotely phone controller

A user can remotely control the smartphone in such a way that you can block text messages remotely, incoming calls, block the internet service running on the phone. It further enables a user to view all the installed apps.

Browsing History

A user can view all the visited websites and as well as the bookmarked websites on the phone browser. It further allows user view appointments made by the target user on the phone.


TheoneSpy mobile phone spy is an incredible tool that provides a service of parenting, employee tracking and spouse spying. if you are like your article please share it with your friends and don’t forget to visit our homepage.

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