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smalland you’ve never heard of it, be sure it will change your life by upgrading your makeup. We’ll explain what it is and how it works.

There’s great news in the world of beauty and it’s a game-changer that allows you to combine the benefits of skin care with the long-lasting action of classic face primers, allowing anyone to create a professional makeup base.

The word skin care it has now become part of everyday vocabulary and you don’t need to be a professional in the field to know what it is skin care We mean a daily routine that includes the use of products with principles that care for the skin, keeping it healthy and beautiful while protecting it from external attacks. However, no matter how comprehensive, simple skin care is often not enough to form the right base for makeup.

The new concept we are talking about is the skin-prep, that is, all the steps that prepare the skin for something that has to happen later and in this case we are talking about the steps that precede the makeup. The first thing that comes to mind in this case is the word primer, but as of today it is more. It is said under-makeup and soon we will explain in detail what it is.

Difference between skin care and skin preparation

As you already know, the skin care It includes a series of daily skin care gestures and should be done regardless of the desire to wear makeup in the following steps. Probably it skin care it is an integral part of it skin-prep – even if sometimes they are even interchangeable – which instead is the sum of all the steps that allow you to have a perfect base even before applying makeup, and exactly here is the meaning of under makeup.

What is undermakeup?

Under-makeup is a step that takes place after skincare as part of skin preparation, just before makeup. We said that theunder makeup it’s a new idea, because we’re talking about all those products with special compositions that they make perform makeup better and they go far beyond simple primer.

Undermakeup by ZAGO Milan

With the ZAGO Milano Undermakeup line, the concept of undermakeup evolves, because it does not only include products that have the sole purpose of making makeup adhere better, but that are actually able to naturally strengthen the skin.

ZAGO Milano undermakeup allows you to have a perfect foundation without compromise, thanks to this series hybrid between skin care and makeupable to combine the benefits of both with formulations that combine the possibility of choosing the effect on the skin – perfectly smooth, shiny or matte – with the properties of the primer, which makes the make-up adhere better and enhances its performance.

If you’re wondering who could fall in love with Undermakeup, it’s easy to say. The series is designed both for those who prefer the Natural beauty and loves to take care of herself and her skin and chooses natural makeup, but also for her Makeup lover who never give up makeup. For both it is important to always have it on hand smart and multitasking products that can be used on the go.

So you are Bella Proda

The quintessence of the Undermakeup series is Beautiful ready, a 2-in-1 multitasking face cream that doubles as a primer and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The texture of this cream-gel is light but rich in natural active ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, pomegranate extract and vitamin E and guarantees a moisturizing effect for up to 24 hours.

If Bella Pronta guarantees amazing results on its own, it is me My shine that the undermakeup reaches the maximum expression of the extremely bright skin. Mio Glow is a face cream – once again suitable for all skin types and multitasking – that finds various uses in the preparation routine. It can be used as a make-up base for a glowing skin effect, along with your favorite foundation to give it a glowing finish, or on the cheekbones as a cream highlighter.

And if your goal is an unparalleled lighting effect, then the kit Shinecontaining both, is the solution for all your needs.

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