The Old Money aesthetic is in vogue on TikTok: a blast from the past with sophisticated style – The Wom Beauty

AND It’s undeniable that the Old Money aesthetic is a big hit on the platform. Users of all ages seem mesmerized by this refined and sophisticated style that recalls the glories of yesteryear.

THEY CALLLife record”, that is, telling through photos and videos what we do every day, from when we wake up to when we eat, the hours we spend at work or studying, every moment of our life becomes a big shot of our day.

In an increasingly digital world, where “success” is determined by how many followers and likes we have on our social profiles and the wealth, from the number of logos we manage to gather in a single outfit, it is not surprising that new trends emerge that seem to be retaliatory, such as the latest viral trend on Tik Tok called “Old money aesthetics” which currently has 6.9 billion views and the numbers don’t seem destined to stop.

What is the aesthetic of “old money”?

It is much more than a way of life, it is a statement of class and sophistication. This trend is inspired by aristocratic families who have inherited enormous wealth from generation to generation, living in luxurious homes and appointments exclusive social circles.

But it’s not just the money. The “old money” aesthetic revolves around an innate sense of taste and beauty. It is to hug one evolved vision of the world.

People associated with this style are often admired for theirs effortless elegance. They dress sober, wearing classic clothes and nice accessories. They are not looking for the flashy display or hype of the latest brands, but they prefer to invest in durable and exclusive pieces.

How to recreate an “Old Money” style beauty look.

Makeup and hairstyle are fundamental elements in recreating a sophisticated and classy look. The viral trend “Old Money” requires a special attention to detailboth in the application of makeup and in the choice of hairstyle.

For what concern makeup, you aim to take a look natural but flawless. Glowing, even skin is the starting point: using a good moisturizer followed by a matte primer helps prepare the skin for makeup. A light foundation or BB cream, accompanied by concealer and translucent powder, gives that touch of freshness without weighing down the face.

The eyes are the protagonists in this style: long and defined eyelashes with intense black mascara, well-drawn but natural eyebrows, neutral eye shadows that highlight the look. A final touch can be given with a nude lipstick or a transparent lip gloss.

The hairstyle should appear elegant yet effortless At the same time. Hair styling focuses on simplicity: soft waves or low updos are perfect solutions to complete the dad’s girl look. Accessories like headbands strictly decorated with rhinestones or le velvet belts they add that extra classy touch to your hair look.

But why is this trend so popular on Tik Tok?

One reason could be the desire to escape from everyday life and live a luxurious life, even if only virtually. “Old money” represents a world made of elegance, class and privilegecharacteristics that many aspire to possess.
Even the desire to experiment with past eras, which one has not experienced, can be a more than valid reason for the success of this aesthetic.

It was a time when clothes were made with attention to the smallest details and elegance was a fundamental privilege. Nowadays, where everything seems fast and disposable, the aesthetics of “Old Money” makes us dream and they want a more refined and glamorous lifestyle.

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