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Multitasking and equipped with smart technologies to shape your hair and make it more and more beautiful: the hair tool for your needs is here.

How much do you love your hair? The answer isn’t obvious, you can always find a reason to be unhappy, but there’s nothing like a nice dryer to lift your mood. I have hair in order is always a priority, just look at the resounding success the accessory has for it fold without heatso much so that it went viral all over social media.

But not all hair is suitable for styling without heat: when it is irreparably straight and thin, however impressive the immediate effect, we know that it will not last more than ten minutes. To tame certain hairs that are too smooth or too unruly ie hair tools it is an essential tool.

Although the technologies used are more and more cutting edge, we cannot deny that the continuous and prolonged use of heat hair tools does not cause any damage, especially to hair that has already been tested with constant lightening or chemical treatments that change the structure of the stem. This is why even for simple styling with a hair dryer and brush, it is always recommended to use a heat protectant spray.

How to protect your hair while drying

The heat is one of the main causes of hair damage: it can change the structure of the keratin that makes up the shaft, damage the cuticle and expose the medulla, favoring its weakening. In fact, even when using a hair dryer, it is easy to damage the hair, for example by choosing the maximum power of the jet and an excessive temperature for the type of hair shaft: the air jet that creates friction between one hair and another , combined with a reduction in humidity, it facilitates loss of hair hydration.

Therefore, maximum care, use of the right products and above all a lot of delicacy when dealing with wet hair, which is obviously more sensitive and therefore more susceptible to stress and damage.

That being said, once we take the right precautions, we will be free to use the tool of our choice to give our preferred style, be it straight or wavy, every time we wash our hair. Or we are free to experiment as much as we want without having to worry too much about any damage we will cause.

ghd style duo

Ideal for everyday life and even when travelling: with a single tool you can dry your hair, straighten it and give it a glossy effect. And it is the perfect ally for hair that is hard to tame, because it helps eliminate frizz.

BABYLISS Style Pro 1000 Air Rotating Brush

The essential hair tool to achieve a professional styling effect even at home: by changing the styling accessory you can achieve different effects with minimal effort.

Rita Ora x Lidl multistyler

A base and 7 interchangeable attachments, from the straightening plate to the curling plate, all covered with ceramic and keratinto ensure greater hair protection.

gama.professional IQ Perfect

Very light and extremely smart, this one tel It is equipped with a digital interface and Memory Function technology to remember the speed and temperature and thanks to the Venturi Effect, it multiplies the air flow provided by the motor, without using extra power and remains more sensitive when drying.

T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Roller Luxe

Equipped with a ceramic resistor and an aluminum core, these curls allow uniform heat diffusion, for uniform styles. Ideal for adding volume to lengths and roots.

Rowenta X Karl Lagerfeld K/Power Straight Smoothing Brush

There hot air brush ideal for smoothing and straightening even the strongest hair, fighting frizz. Thanks to its triple action, it captures the hair from the root, maintains a constant temperature with Thermo-Control technology and smoothes the hair, leaving it soft and naturally shiny.

Salon Studio Professional MySteamPro

Infrared steam hair straightener that guarantees hydration, shine and protection with any styling, from straight to wavy. The nano-ceramic coating guarantees even heat distribution and leaves hair soft and silky, while the adjustable temperature from 150°C to 235°C, indicated on the LCD screen, allows you to choose the heat level that best suits your hair.

Remington Iron Conical Botanicals

Its coated base is made of ceramic with micro-particles enriched with Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Rose plant extracts for beautiful and defined curls. The curling iron features the BotaniCare gentle temperature setting, which gives you the option to style at a lower temperature than 10 available temperature settings, from 130 to 210°C, so you can find the perfect heat level for your hair type .

Dyson Airstrait

Designed for different hair types, the straightener allows you to achieve a naturally straight style, with body and movement, while maintaining hair strength² and healthy appearance. The hair is sandwiched between two arms, from which a precisely angled stream of high-pressure air emerges and is pushed down and into the hair, drying and straightening it at the same time, with a single tool.

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