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The idol, Sam Levinson’s new series starring Lily-Rose Depp and Abel “The Weekend” Tesfaye stands out not only for its plot, but also for its makeup. As we say Euphoriamakeup is actually used as a creative means to portray the emotions of the characters and, in particular, the looks of the protagonist, Joycelyn, recall the sensual and seductive folk aesthetic of Dark Feminine.

Nothing else is mentioned on social media: the idol, the new HBO series from Sam Levinson (also director and creator of the hit series Euphoria) which marked his big screen debut Lily-Rose Dep As a young pop star and Abel “The Weekend” Tesfaye as a charismatic cult leader came to an end in the fifth and final episode, but, nevertheless, his legacy is far from over. Provocative, erotic and bold, The idol chronicles the tortured existence of its protagonist, pop star Jocelynafter the nervous breakdown caused by his mother’s death, on a journey discovering the more hellish side of the music industry, toxic relationships and the price you have to pay for being a celebrity.

And, as for Euphoriaalso in The idol Make-up plays a fundamental role in the narration and identification of the various characters, in a subconscious representation of emotions that allows us to read through the make-up (or even anticipate) the feelings, fears and moods they are experiencing at that moment.

Designed by the same makeup artist he worked with EuphoriaKirsten Coleman, Joycelyn’s looks were created to evoke a clear distinction between when she’s a famous pop star and when she’s just Joycelyn. The artist’s image is actually enhanced by makeup created to reinforce his celebrity status quo, which she wears as a kind of emotional armor that aims to protect her and make her feel confident and as a ruse that allows her to put aside her weaknesses and insecurities.

However, when Joycelyn is ‘just Joycelyn’, her makeup is simpler and less elaborate and consists of just a glowing and glowing complexion, nude 90s lips and eye-liner, kajal or smudgy pencil.

And it’s immediately Dark Feminine vibes.

What Joycelyn and Lily-Rose Depp have in common is their makeup Dark Feminine: the young actress, in fact, is considered by TikTok users as one of the muses and faces of inspiration (apart from Alexa Demie, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Dove Cameron) in terms of the very popular social aesthetic, made of makeup with air of mystery and sensuality, old Hollywood noir, long and feline looks and glamorous siren make-up. A trend, that of Dark Feminine Energy & makeup, which aims to strengthen our dark side and our unconditional freedom, encouraging women to break free from the dictates imposed by patriarchal society and reclaim their feminine energy, whatever it’s her. A tendency that is therefore not only expressed in the way of doing things, but also on an aesthetic level, between smudges, shades and imperfect appearances.

Just like Joycelyn when she’s away from the cameras.

The makeup created on the pop star actually follows the indie-sleaze aesthetic, with cat’s eye too elongated and shaded to have no clean line, but an overall charm smoked and smoker projected upwards to give the eyes a long narrow cut, na siren eyes. Paired with just a touch of blush to make it pop flushed the complexion and bare lips with coating.

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