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largeglam aesthetics and 70s makeup: between yesterday and today

There are many changes that have happened in the makeup world in just a few years: starting with TV series Euphoria, which with its legacy has completely distorted and modified our vision of beauty, to the constant birth of trends thanks to social networks such as Instagram and TikTok, the concept of make-up has taken on new faces, becoming not only the antithesis to our way of makeup as it is commonly understood, but also a powerful means of expression, a representative of moods, beliefs and ideas. But not only that: in addition to the brand new aesthetics, Many beauty trends have come back into fashion lately as modern and contemporary interpretations of the past, from which they draw inspiration. We start for example with Washed Denim Makeup, the Y2k beauty trend with a new fascination with blue eye shadowcombined with the rediscovery of the 2000s, and we end up with goth looks that morph into aesthetics like Dark Academia and Dark Mermaid, glam-grunge and smudged nineties and so on.
This combination of elements has therefore led to another trend, which emerges as the perfect combination between the reinterpretation of the past, the bearer of principles and the normalization of a colourful, extreme and revolutionary beauty took its place, placing itself on the pedestal of the most appreciated and recreated aesthetic of all time. What are we talking about? The glam aesthetic obviously, which has reached us straight from the 70s.

What is the glam aesthetic?

Typical of the 70s, the glam aesthetic is an aesthetic characterized by a bold fusion between the worlds of art, fashion and musicparticularly popular with the artists of the time who through it, they expressed their creativity with makeup. But not only that: the glam aesthetic is not only limited to artistic expression, but is a broadening of morals and beliefs established as a rebellion against the conservative social norms of the time. Through this complete self-expression almost comparable to a theatrical mask (with shiny clothes, elaborate make-up and sculpted hairstyles) glam artists were actually able to express their most authentic and provocative selves, in a true statement of identity. The importance of this aesthetic can therefore also be placed in its context the fluidity of gender and the role it has played in challenging predetermined boundaries and celebrating individualitythanks to which glam rock stars were transformed into alienated, androgynous and wonderfully extravagant creatures, inspiring the imagination of an entire generation.

Undoubtedly we find among the most famous glam icons David Bowiefather of this aesthetic and the one who led this phenomenon to its apotheosis, experimenting with clothes, make-up and performances and whose legacy still lives on in modern culture today.

Glam nowadays

It’s just from Bowie and his peers claim that new generations of makeup and influencers are inspired by their looks, transforming 70s glam into something extremely current and in keeping with current trends. The return of glam today is actually perfectly in line with this rewarding trend disrespect and excess in the field of beauty and which is presented as a subversive attitude closely and inevitably connected to make-up. Full Faces, Graphics, Patterns, Glitter, Shiny Apps, Gems, Pearls and so on and so on: there are no rules and no boundaries. From abstract designs, decorative and amorphous sketches that frame the face and follow the lines of the eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows, to dressing up in different colors, such as a vivid mask full of different shades or a painting on a palette, to appearing which instead focus more on jewelry and glitter applications. Colors vary from fluorescent, charged and tinted daring in pastel, delicate and ethereal shades, passing through white eye shadows and metallic shadows reminiscent of the glam of yesteryear (silver and gold first and foremost, not to mention bronze, champagne and everything in between), in a blaze of creativity and freedom. From duotone eyeshadows to eyeliners, potted to powder eyeshadows, from dramatic pastes to luminous eyeshadows, any texture is allowed and can be used beyond its original nature: of those who use gloss to remember the wet look to those who experiment with objects incorporated into makeup. The important thing is that the result is unique and unparalleled.

How to create a complete glam look

Are you drawn to these real works of art on the skin and want to play with makeup? The key word is: experiment. Do not follow a preconceived idea and let yourself be carried away by instinct: have fun with different products, combine them, layer them and draw on your face like a painter with a canvas. For the first few times, choose something abstract and materialistic so you never have to start over if something isn’t quite how you imagined, or help yourself with stickers and apps for a “minimum effort, maximum performance” effect. . If you don’t feel confident starting with one FULL FACE From the first time, go step by step and focus on the eyes, lips, then cheeks and when you feel like it, connect the dots and voilĂ !

If it’s yours instead Your makeup skills are already high enough, why not go for some special and elaborate makeovers? Depict or represent figures, natural elements, arcs, constellations or anything that comes to mind, giving unlimited outlet to your imagination: starting from isolated areas of the face, to FULL FACE as it should be.

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