The final season of Riverdale? She will also be remembered for her beauty looks – The Wom Beauty

TOretro hairstyles and beauty looks that make you dream and travel back in time. Here’s what we’ll remember about the show from Riverdale’s final season

Here we are, the end of the TV series Riverdale comes. And what will be remembered most of all are these, the fantastic beauty looks displayed by its protagonists, from Camila Mendes to Lili Reinhart, in a series of look to copy and that takes you back in time.

A series of makeup and hairstyles truly extraordinary, which have marked the threads of this last season of Riverdale and which, between soft waves and retro-style fringes, will stay in our hearts and who knows, maybe in us too.

Because let’s face it, the temptation to try the style of the protagonists of the series is really great and the inspirations to make your own are even more waiting to be copied by you. Maybe starting from already iconic fringe athletic by Camila Mendes, a tribute to pin upsworn in a roll and perfectly combed.

For a hair look that follows the mood dictated by Riverdale and winks at high-seduction celebrities like Dita von Teese.

A hairstyle that goes perfectly with simple but effective makeup. With super defined brows, a line of eyeliner to elongate the eye and a touch red lipstick. In short, a look that is easily copied, like a real brunette lady and with a guaranteed super cool result.

And what about Lili Reinhart’s bob with soft, tousled waves. A completely different cut than what we were used to his character with his hair pulled up into one ponytail. And which, in the final season of Riverdale, is transformed by choosing one short bob with a super chic and romantic character.

A trendy haircut for this summer that will know how to show off your hair better, albeit in a more modern way. With super natural big waves that don’t need a lot of attention to always be flawless and very charming.

A hair look to match one subtle makeup, in shades of nude or pink, simple, natural and fresh. A concentration of truly unique romantic vibes.

In short, everyone has their own beauty look in Riverdale mode, to show off in a thousand ways and personalize it according to your personality. A tribute to one of the most watched series of the year and which will not fail to amaze you.

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