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largethe choice of colors will enhance the iris with stunning shades.

The wedding makeup with brown eyes it is, theoretically, the simplest to create, because it has almost the entire color palette available.

Brown is given by the fusion of the three primary colors red, blue and yellow and, depending on the predominance of blue or yellow, will be more warmer or colder and then it will also be necessary to evaluate the hair and skin together according to the principles of color matching.

Since brown contains all the primary colors, it does not have a true complementary color, which leaves us free to explore all the shades of the palette, always reminding ourselves that what we are doing is bridal makeup and we want an elegant and sophisticated look, regardless of the preference between natural makeup and brighter makeup.

The best wedding makeup colors for brown eyes

Wedding specialist website interviewed several makeup artists who revealed the best colors to use wedding makeup with brown eyes and, although everyone confirmed that brown eyes can be made up with any color of eye shadow, individual preferences fell more often purples, golds and metallics with a neutral tone, but also i bronze. The reason is simple: it is the colors that manage to bring out the different shades of the iris that otherwise cannot be caught. A make-up artist, in addition to chocolate and the inevitable gold, also suggests midnight blue and aqua greenbut if midnight blue can work in an evening party makeup, aqua green is a special shade that requires a certain wedding and a certain attitude of the bride to want to experiment.

Natural wedding makeup for brown eyes

Coffees are undoubtedly the best choice for a natural bridal makeup, clearly choosing the undertone based on that of the color scheme, focusing on the metallics to give the touch of luminosity necessary to bring out the look. However, let’s remember that the color you use on the lids also depends on the skin pigmentation, and browns like hazel are invisible on dark skins.

Brown eyes wedding makeup brunette

The brides with the brown eyes and dark hair They should focus everything in the background, also favoring shades of bronze, biscuit, gold and peach, always paying attention to the warm or cool tones that prevail in their color palette.

Bridal makeup brown eyes blonde hair

Gold, beige, light green and hazel are great for everyday makeup for women blonde brides with brown eyes and, for the evening, if you want a more intense look, it is better to focus on the various aubergines, bronzes and coppers.

Better to avoid black which always seems a safe choice, but in this case it risks stiffening the look and not even looking particularly sophisticated.

The best tip for anyone looking for ideas for a wedding makeup with brown eyes, whether the hair is brown or blonde, is to look for images of celebrities with similar palettes and find the makeup they have shown on the red carpet, to already have an idea of ​​how the result could be. Then, the professional make-up artist will make sure to show you what adjustments are necessary to make the make-up look perfect on you.

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