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NoDon’t let expanded resources ruin your mood! With the right products it is possible to knock them off and smile again.

Do you often monitor your facial pores? Does your skin sometimes look uneven and more and more enlarged pores appear in the T-zone (forehead, nose, cheeks)? First tip: it can be helpful not to look so critically in the mirror. All people, without Facetune or other photo editing apps, have resources. Especially in the face, there are about 300,000 of them!

Although they can undermine your self-esteem, they play a very important role for your face. Through these small channels, a mixture of sebum and sweat is released that helps maintain skin elasticity and regulate its temperature.

Why do some people have enlarged pores?

When you observe other people, have you noticed that some seem to have more resources than others? It’s completely normal!
Skin structure is genetically determined, including pore size. However, the lifestyle you lead has a strong impact on the development of your skin. Factors such as smoking, sun exposure without SPF or lack of sleep can have negative effects.
So, when you are stressed, try to avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks and take time to exercise or meditate.

How to improve extended resources

Bad news for those who suffer from XL pores: enlarged pores do not shrink on their own. However, with proper skin care and good makeup, you can easily solve the problem. Are you ready to discover the best allies for your beauty?

Augustinus Bader The light cream

This lightweight, matte moisturizer is specially formulated to hydrate, balance, renew and protect the skin, improving its overall appearance and preventing shine. Thanks to the TFC8® patent, it works effectively to keep sebum levels under control both in the short and long term. Its revitalizing and hydrating formula helps strengthen the skin barrier while visibly reducing pore size, giving skin a smoother appearance. In addition, it protects against environmental aggressors that can stimulate excessive sebum production.

Audrer Soothing Serum

The face serum from the “Audrer” beauty line created by Giulia De Lellis is formulated with powerful sebaceous and soothing properties such as niacinamide and zinc, which work together to prevent the appearance of skin imperfections and maintain skin hydration. This unique combination of ingredients helps to smooth the skin, improving the appearance of impurities, blemishes and enlarged pores. The active ingredients present in the serum also help to protect and strengthen the skin barrier, minimizing redness.

SEASONLY Anti-imperfection serum

Its powerful combination of active ingredients helps to tighten pores and improve the quality of skin texture. After application, the skin immediately appears softer and smoother. The presence of niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, and bakuchiol also allows you to reduce redness and reduce the appearance of dark spots. An effective solution for brighter and more even skin.


A new professional exfoliation treatment inspired by the microdermabrasion technique, which works in depth to deliver a “new skin effect”. It combines natural and enzymatic exfoliation to work synergistically, reactivating microcirculation and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. After the treatment, the skin will feel soft and nourished.


Specially formulated for combination and oily skin, this hyaluronic acid moisturizer works in depth to provide hydration to the skin while reducing excess sebum.
Its unique formula helps to minimize the appearance of pores and reduce the appearance of shiny skin.

of Kiehl’s Pore ​​Minimizing Rare Earth Polishing Powder Cleaner

A concentrated powder cleanser with a powerful pore-clogging effect, with a dual exfoliating action that helps eliminate impurities, reduce excess sebum and minimize the appearance of pores, giving you visibly smoother and more redefined skin.

Estée Lauder Nutritious Melting Soft Creme / Mask

Used as a daily cream or as a weekly mask, this cream helps visibly reduce the appearance of pores, excess oil and post-acne redness. In addition, it helps strengthen the skin barrier, preventing redness and restoring the skin’s natural brightness.

Dermalogica Porescreen SPF40

A multitasking mineral sunscreen that offers protection from UVA and UVB rays, working on enlarged pores and minimizing their appearance thanks to an even primer-inspired effect.

Now Rebalancing Micellar Gel

A fine, gelatinous texture that allows you to effectively cleanse the skin and remove make-up, while at the same time balancing the skin’s natural pH, providing hydration and comfort.
It also works on enlarged pores thanks to its astringent and cleansing action. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Deep Retreat

Its innovative and comfortable composition works deeply on clogged pores without drying the skin. As the mask activates, you can see dots appear on the surface: these are impurities and excess sebum extracted from the pores. Then remove the mask with water and you will immediately see your skin smoother, smoother and more matte, with smaller pores!
The best thing? Skin stays soft during and after application, leaving you feeling great (both for you and your pores!).

Face D Flash Pore Minimizing Pads

Patches are a convenient and practical way to treat problems related to enlarged pores and keep your skin healthy and glowing. Those from Face D are activated on contact with water, ensuring that, upon removal, impurities and excess sebum remain trapped on their surface.
Are you ready to say goodbye to XXL resources?

Dr. Jart+ Pore Remedy™ PHA Exfoliating Serum

This exfoliating serum with 7% PHA is perfect for those looking to combat enlarged pores and uneven skin texture. It is ideal for addressing the special needs of dry, dehydrated skin and with enlarged pores.

Sisley Global perfect

It offers a “perfect skin” effect for a smoothing action that improves skin texture. This universal treatment works in a corrective, preventive and curative way. Regardless of age, it instantly minimizes pores thanks to Ratania extract, prevents their expansion with Java tea extract and corrects skin texture irregularities with lentil extract.
Day after day, it guarantees a perfect looking skin texture, free of excess sebum and enlarged pores.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple® Matte Oil Free Moisturizer

A velvety formula that absorbs quickly, offering 24 hours of hydration. Enriched with bamboo extract, this oil-free matte cream controls excess sebum and skin shine. It’s perfect for combination to oily skin, giving a matte and healthy look all day while reducing the appearance of pores. From Marionnaud

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