Tattoo Phrases: Short Tattoo Writings and Words

THEn Italian, English and Latin. There are many emotions to show on the body, including words from famous authors or the songwriters you love the most, not forgetting the best quotes from movies. In short, to be imprinted on the skin to carry a special message with you

The tattooas we know, it is this “part of you”. it lasts FOREVER, which remains indelibly imprinted on the skin for a lifetime. Not for nothing, the his choice tattoos come from a strong desire to draw or ink something that you want to keep with you forever, to represent aemotion or an important event.

Some choose the name of their partner, others of their children, some tribal designs, others hearts, flowers, animals. More and more often, however, the women they decide to get phrase tattoosmaybe one saying or a paddock very motivated: most often these are phrases inspired by words of famous writers, poets or songsbeautiful suggestions, based on one’s own set of emotions.

For those looking for the right inspiration, here are some tattoo phrases, short and deep tattoo writings about life, love and familyimportant enough to try to figure out how to choose a writing tattoo.


Tattoo phrases for life

Phrases and aphorisms about life are among them the most favorite tattoos. The reason is simple: they are quotes with a deep meaning that, at the same time, are often very short and therefore can be tattooed without taking up too much space on the skin. It is also worth trying some phrases about beauty, deep and suitable for everyone beauty lover (and not only)

– “Remember that man lives no other life than the one he lives at this moment, nor loses another life than the one he is losing now” (Marcus Aurelius)

-“Whatever you can do or dream of doing, start it! Audacity has genius, power and magic” (Goethe)

– “Amidst difficulties, opportunities arise” (Albert Einstein)

-“I’m looking for a moment worth a lifetime” (Casanova)

-“Life is an incurable disease” (Abraham Cowley)

-“When you touch the bottom with your fingers, suddenly you will feel the force of life” (The force of life, Paolo Vallesi)

-“Many things, it is not because they are difficult that we do not dare to do them, but because we do not dare to do them, they are difficult” (Seneca)

-“Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved” (Osho)

-“”They say money isn’t everything in life. We’re definitely talking about other people’s money” (Sacha Guitry)

-“How can I not celebrate your life? Oh life Oh life” (Oh life!, Jovanotti)


Tattoo phrases from songs

Who wouldn’t want to have a tattoo on their body phrase from his favorite song? Maybe it’s a song that reminds you of a certain event, a love story, a birth. Let’s see together tattoo phrases by Vasco RossiJovanotti and other big names of Italian and international music.

-“Living even if you’re dead inside” (Vasco Rossi)

-“To you who took my life and made it so much more” (Jovanotti)

-“Waiting for your return/With my gaze lost in the clouds/And the phone rings, I don’t answer it’s too early” (This Stupid Love Song of Ours, Theornalist)

-“I’d just like an hour/to tell you what/you don’t know/and in that hour/I’d give/my life/for you” (I’d Like You Just an Hour, The Showmen)

-“When you’re here with me/This room has no more walls/But trees,/Infinite trees” (The Sky in a Room, Gino Paoli)

-“Sally walks down the street without even/Looking at the ground/Sally is a woman who no longer wants/To go to war” (Sally)

-“Of black nights / That there is no time / There is no space / And no one will ever understand” (Black nights, Tiziano Ferro)

-“When love is born, it’s never too late, it descends like a flash from a star you look at” (When love is born, Anna Oxa)

-“And I will come to look for you/Even just to see you or to talk to you” (And I will come to look for you, Franco Battiato)

-“He would take a friend / Here forever by my side, / He would take a friend / In pain and sorrow” (He would take a friend, Antonello Venditti)


Phrases for short tattoos

When choosing the location of the tattoo and the right words, its length phrases for tattoos it can make a difference. There are those who like tattoo quotes to take up more space, placing them on the chest, back or quadriceps. Others, however, prefer it very short tattoo phrases, to be engraved on the wrist, the back of the neck or the heart. Also try arm, finger or head tattoos. Here you are lots of phrase ideas for short tattoos.

-“Every dawn has its doubts” (Alda Merini)

-“Beauty will save the world” (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

-“Don’t sell yourself. You are what you got” (Janis Joplin)

-“A friend is a gift you give yourself” (Lord Byron)

-“Every true joy has a fear in it” (Margaret Mazzantini)

-“Love and do what you want” (St. Augustine)

-“Life is not explained; it is experienced (Luigi Pirandello)

We were together, the rest of the time I forgot about him (Walt Whitman)

-“The antidote to fifty enemies is a friend(Aristotle)

-“Friends are relatives that you choose yourself (Eustache Deschamps)


Phrases for tattoos on children

The tattoo It is almost always associated with an important event, with a special person. It is no coincidence that many choose a tattoo afterwards birth of a son, perhaps just to celebrate the happy event. There are those who tattoo a simple initial and those who add the date of birth as well. If you don’t have words, these will work just fine or serve as inspiration for tattoo phrases and short and deep tattoo scriptures about life, love and family. Sister phrases are also a great classic tattoo.

-“Julia is my angel’s name”

-“C. 11.07.2012”

-“You are the center of my world”

-“From the day you arrived, everything changed”

-“You are always my guardian angel”

-“I will never stop being by your side”

-“The reason I live”

-“No one was ever like the two of us”

-“There is no greater feeling than the one I have for you”

-“You are my whole life, now and always”


Tattoo phrases in Latin

If you don’t like having a sentence in Italian, why not choose one phrase in latin for your tattoo? The Latin is the language of quotes and the ultimate mottos, so here are some famous phrases to ink on your skin. A mantra that comes from a distant age, from which to consult.

-“Omnia vincit amor” (Love conquers all), Virgil

-“Carpe Diem” (Seize the day), Horace

-“Audax fortunate iuvat” (Fortune favors the bold), Virgil

-“Alea iacta est” (The die is cast), Julius Caesar

-“Ad astra per aspera” (Through the stars to the stars), Cicero

-“Memento audere semper” (Remember to always dare), Gabriele D’Annunzio

– “Alis Volat Propriis” (Fly with your wings), Latin saying

-“Ad Maiora” (To greater things), Latin wish

-“Veni, vidi, vici” (I came, I saw, I won), Julius Caesar

-“Vivere est cogitare” (To live is to think), Cicero


Tattoo phrases for men

The tattoo is a trend that is also very present in the male universe, so we thought that if you want to suggest one tattoo phrase to your partner or a dear friend, we could help you find some really original ones! What do you think, do you like them?

– “Know thyself” (Marcus Aurelius)

-“The sky’s the limit and it’s never enough” (Noyz Narcos)

-“I live my life a quarter mile at a time” (Fast and Furious)

-“The lion uses all its strength even to kill a rabbit” (Sun Tzu)

– “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

– “To die is nothing, not to live is terrifying” (Victor Hugo)

-“Only God forgives”

-“Life is a dream” (Pedro Calderon de la Barca)

– “He who does not appreciate life does not deserve it” (Leonardo Da Vinci)

– “To create is to live twice” (Albert Camus)


Phrases for tattoos in English

If you’ve rejected Italian and Latin, you can always take inspiration from English for your tattoo phrase. We collected 10 phrases for tattoos in Englishwe’ve transcribed the translation next to each, which one do you think suits you best?

-“Ever try.

– “I can resist everything except temptation”, Oscar Wilde

-“All you need is love” (All you need is love), The Beatles

-“Explore. Dream. Discover” (Explore. Dream. Discover), Mark Twain

-“It can’t rain forever”, Il Corvo

-“I’d rather be always happy than dignified,” Charlotte Bronte

-“Every wall is a door”, Ralph Waldo Emerson

-“If you can dream it, you can do it” (If you can dream it, you can do it), Walt Disney

-“To handle yourself use your head: to handle others use your heart” – Eleanor Roosevelt

– “All generalizations are false, including this one,” Mark Twain


Tattoo phrases dedicated to family and parents

Family can have a really special role: the bond with mom, dad, sisters and brothers It is unique and special, perfect to celebrate with an indelible memory on the skin. If you want to dedicate a tattoo to your mother, to one of your family members or you want to make gods tattoos for sisters and brothers, here are some ideas you shouldn’t miss.

-“Mom you are special”

-“Mom you are always with me”

-“Mom I carry you in my heart”

-“Nothing is more special than a sister”

-“You are my other half”

-“Dad you are my rock”


-“I don’t forget where I come from”

-“Family is my center”

-“Together forever”


Tattoo phrases for love

Needless to say: love it is the emotion that revolutionizes and makes our lives special. So it’s no wonder he wants to get a tattoo of a phrase that celebrates him! Or maybe, if you’re a couple, you might want to “stop” right now in your skin tattooing yourself with a beautiful romantic phrase. Anyway, here are the love tattoo quotes-

-“The heart has its reasons that reason does not know” (Blaise Pascal)

– “Those who live with love, live with eternity” (Emile Verhaeren)

-“Love your dream even if it tortures you” (Gabriele D’Annunzio)

-“If you’re told love is a dream, dream it but don’t be surprised if you wake up crying” (Jim Morrison)

-“The love of those we do not love settles on the surface and quickly evaporates from there (Paolo Giordano)

-“Isn’t indifference to the rest of the world the essence of true love?” (Jane Austen)

-“Don’t trust everything except what your heart tells you (Suzana Tamaro)

-“There is no lack of sweetness in loving someone without daring to tell them (Descartes)

-“Love: it will kill you and it will save you (Lauren Oliver)

-“Her beauty, her cries, my strength, her steps, my prayer – we were in the same love” Alessandro Baricco)


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