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GTanning accelerators – or melanin activators – will be your allies for an even, intense and durable tan.

Summer is finally here, with its skin-warming sun, enchanting landscapes, heart-pounding sunsets and all those elements of seaside aesthetics that are symbols of an era we never want to end. The call of the sea and the beautiful days at the beach tempt you from below and that of atan gold and shiny in the right place? If you choose to expose yourself to the sun’s rays and tan, you must equip yourself with an essential ally for an even and professional tan. What are we talking about? Fromtan accelerator apparently: a product that will help your skin “tan” speeding up, just as the name suggests, its process pigmentation of the skin and at the same time make the tan last longer.

What are tanning accelerators and how do they work?

Present on the cosmetics market in the form of balms, creams, oils or even serums, tanning accelerators (also called activators or tan maximizer) are designed specifically for they help the work of the sun’s rays speeding up the process that helps the skin darken, called tanning. This is because accelerators are specifically designed for they awaken, strengthen and stimulate the natural production of melanin of our body and make the skin more receptive to the sun’s rays, so Even complexions that generally develop melanin more slowly than others will be able to fully enjoy sun exposure, reducing tanning times and obtaining immediately visible results. But not only that, their function is not limited to that of “accelerating” the skin that we love so much: within their compositions these products also contain ingredients that allow and intensify the tan and thus get a more vibrant and radiant skin, both make it last longer the period after the exposure and the following days.

How and when are they applied?

First rule – very important – to keep in mind when applying it maximier tan: they do not replace SPF e You shouldn’t even confuse them with sunscreen, as they don’t have a filter to protect against the sun’s rays. Protection from UVB and UVA rays is essential to avoid all these potentially dangerous skin hazards and to protect yourself from the harmful effects of inappropriate sun exposure – such as photoaging, stains and premature aging of the skin, leading to conditions such as sunburn, melanoma or solar keratosis. Therefore, if you decide to use an activator, remember to always (and we emphasize always) apply it before sunscreen, giving it time to penetrate the skin to activate melanin. For the duration of exposure, keep applying this irresistible duo for even more visible results (and remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours). For more action strongFinally, it is good to start using the product about 10/15 days before the first exposure to the sun or in combination with solar supplements, taken at least 30/60 days before the exposure period.


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