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QWhat are the best new sunscreen products this year? We will tell you about them here.

We will never tire of remembering how important it is to use it sunscreen every day – even in the city – and even more so, now that summer has officially begun, the sun protection becomes essential for your skin.

As every year, brands are introduced to the market sunscreens with high and very high protection factorssuch as SPF 30 or 50+, new state-of-the-art formulas with ever lighter and more impenetrable textures and therefore even more easy to spreadwith natural and chemical sunscreens necessary to protect your skin from the aggression of the sun’s rays and much more formats you can pack in your suitcase without worry.

The best sunscreens to take on vacation

Talking about sunscreen for packagingif you are planning trips to exotic destinations, remember to check iingredients in your sunscreen. Although it is increasingly rare to come across itOxybenzone in sunscreens It is still not completely impossible, and you risk dumping your cream in those locations – especially islands and archipelagos – that have banned Oxybenzone and other pollutants that threaten the marine environment.

Simply put, even if you are planning a holiday in Italy, remember that in 2023, 226 locations and 458 beaches were awarded Blue Flag Fees and it would be nice to continue to do what we can to keep the waters clear by choosing safe sunscreens for seas and oceans.

Friend of the Sea is a program of World Sustainability Organization for the certification of products and companies that protect and respect the marine environment and among them there are sunscreens. To minimize theeffects of sunscreens on the marine environment, Friend of the Sea decided to reward with its certification those products that release less than 20% of the chemicals into the water after 80 minutes, in fact, sunscreens labeled as “water resistant” can lose the 50% of the protection factor after 40 minutes of bathing. Sunscreen products currently certified by Friend of the Sea are Safe Sea, Nagua, Cien Sun and Taio Care.

Pharmacy sunscreens

ISDIN Hydro Lotion SPF 50

SVR Sun Secure eau Solaire SPF 30

HAAN Sunscreen SPF 35

NUXE Sun Huile Solaire Bronzing SPF 50

Pharmacy. Sun Milk SPF 50

Dermatological oil Rilastil Sun System SPF 50

Carovit Dermoprotective Body Milk Spray SPF 50+

Vichy Capital Soleil Solar Water SPF 50

Fillerina Solare SPF 50+ Solar Body Spray with 12 hyaluronic acids

Sunscreen SPF 50

Alma K Sun Care Moisturizing Protective Body Spray SPF 50 (by Douglas)

Collistar Protective Sun Cream for Face and Body SPF 50+

Mediterranea Invisible Sun Spray SPF 50+

Yves Rocher Peau Parfaite Milk Spray SPF 50+

Taio Care Ecological Body Sunscreen SPF 50

Nagua Sun Protection Organic Sun Cream SPF 50+

Face sun creams

La Roche-Posay Anthelios UVMune 400 SPF50+

Dermalogica Sun care Porescreen SPF 40

Suntique I’m Medi SPF 50+ (in microcosmetics)

Garnier Ambre Solaire Invisible Serum Super UV SPF 50+

Lelang Eco Defense Solar Facial Fluid

Acqua dell’Elba SPF 50+ sunscreen face cream

Cien face and d├ęcolletage sun cream SPF 50

Eucerin Hydro Protect SPF 50+

Avon Care SUn+ SPF 50 face with shine control

Sunscreen body creams

Lavera Sensitive Sun Spray SPF 30

Douglas SUN Active Protection SPF 30 water and sweat resistant

Stanartis Golden Skin Body Sun Milk SPF 30

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