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Qhen summer calls, nail art responds: but what colors will be trendy summer time? Let’s discover them together!

The nails they return to being protagonists and, for thesummer 2023they’re painted as usual in neutral, nude and subtle shades, perfect for adding a classy touch to any hand and adapting to any occasion, outfit and occasion – a must-have feature for when you’re on holiday and don’t have the time (or desire) to base your look choices on your nails as well.

But not only that: in addition to pink, beige and peach, lively and bold shades light up the manicure from fluorescent, marine and super sparkling shades, in a color block combination playing with full shades + some details, French, monochromatic manicure, contrasting combinations, mismatched results where each finger has a different shade and pearl and micro glitter.

Now, however, all that remains is to find out which ones nail colors for summer 2023 reject these trends!

Naked, naked and still naked

Like the classic black cocktail dress, bare nails are also that element that will never go out of style: veterans of a winter that saw them rage in every style and type (from Clean Girl Nails to Glazed Donut Nails full of Hailey Bieber’s pearls in Milk Bath Nails in a whiter version) now, thanks to the Quiet Luxury trend led by Sofie Richie Grainge, even summer nails retain their elegance and sophistication, available in soft, neutral colors and in half somewhere between pink and beige.

Pink Barbie

Between Greta Gerwig’s brand new movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling coming out on July 12th and the wildly popular TikTok Barbiecore trend, pink is topping the charts as a color. the most sought after always. But, beware: we are not talking about a simple pink, but rather one Barbie pink shocking and bright, between baby pink and fuchsia. In short…the perfect pink Barbie available in every shape and type.

Blu & co + Mermaidcore

Blue, blue, blue… are all colors that symbolize summer, with its cloudless skies and its vast and enchanting sea. Consequently, in these three months we will often see it as the perfect nail color for the beach and in all its thousand shades: from baby blue to electric blue to midnight or denim blue. But not only that: the recent popularity of the film The little Mermaid with Halle Bailey brought back attention to this whole mermaid and mermaid aesthetic made of marine colors like aqua green or baby blue, iridescent and reflective as much as possible, just like the light reflected in the ocean.

Fluorescent colors

Pink, green, orange, yellow, blue and so on and so on but… in a fluorescent version. So, yes, neon and bright colors are back, after quite some time, for the summer of 2023 – and in all their glory. Whether it’s color block nail art or, if you’re afraid of getting bored too soon of such important shades, with few but good details, baby French or double French, vitamin shades are more appreciated than ever.


It is clear to everyone that silver has risen to the fore compared to gold: from shoes, to clothes, to makeup, silver has finally carved out its rightful place. This, of course, also applies to the nail polishes and nails, which are painted in bright and mirror shades as white as the stars at night.

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