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How to choose the child’s sport? Are there activities more suitable for development? Is a team sport or an individual activity better? These are some of the questions that parents ask themselves when faced with the choice of sports activity.

Uppa’s column is entirely devoted to sport and movement it clears up parents’ doubts and allows them to consciously choose the most suitable sports activity for the needs of the little ones.

How to choose a safe car seat? A word to the experts

Valentina Murelliscience journalist

To answer the questions of parents wondering how to choose a safe seat, we asked a CYBEX safety expert to answer some questions and explore the potential damages of an accident with pediatrician Paolo Moretti.

Traveling with children: what to pack?

Christina Serrabiologist and science journalist

mother and child travel by train

Traveling with small children can be tiring or, conversely, turn into one of the most fun experiences of life. Every family unit can find its own dimension of vacation, as long as you have everything you need with you and don’t ask too much of the children

What are the safest car seats?

Christina Serrabiologist and science journalist

The baby sleeps in a safe car seat

Not only the list of the safest car seats of 2022, according to crash tests, but also the ways to evaluate and choose a safe and suitable seat for your child

Babies and children in the mountains: from what age, altitude and precautions

Alberto Ferradopediatrician

little girl in the mountains climbs the path with her mother

As altitude increases, barometric pressure and oxygen pressure progressively decrease, a change that requires very demanding adaptations from the body, especially for children and newborns. That’s why it’s important to take some precautions when you decide to take a trip to the mountains with the little ones

Sports for children, how to make the best choice?

Michele Torellapediatrician

the children play sports with the teacher

The child who regularly does physical activity, whether recreational or sports, will reduce the daily hours of sedentary activity and become familiar with a series of movements and actions that will allow him to know and use his body better.

What is psychomobility for children and what is it for?

Leather KarrasiTNPEE

the child plays during the psychomotor session

The intertwining of psychomotor aspects is particularly evident in the first 10 years of children’s lives, a time when body development is a fundamental part of the maturation process and motor skills are the most direct way in which children express themselves and relate.

Movement during quarantine

Annalisa PerinoMontessori educator

Children look out the window during quarantine

Not all families have a garden or outdoor space and during the quarantine this factor can penalize the physical activity of many children. See how to encourage the movement of our children even inside the house

Children and mountains: a winning combination

Elena Ugapediatrician

Children walk in the mountains

Physical activity during the developmental years contributes to the development of muscles and bones, the cardiovascular and endocrine-metabolic systems. The mountain is the right place for this purpose, but some precautions are necessary

Children and sport: frequently asked questions

Stefano Gorinifamily pediatrician

Many parents wonder how to choose a sport for their children, what to look for and what kind of physical activity to offer young children. Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

Children and skiing

Giacomo Tofolpediatrician

The practice of winter sports is very complete, as it involves the entire muscles of the body, and also allows children to spend a few hours in completely uncontaminated environments.

Children and competitive sports

Franco Panizonpediatrician and teacher

Children and competitive sports: how to behave? Franco Panizon explains what to look out for and how to act during the physical activity of the little ones

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