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HeySkin cycling comes to social media, the program that rotates different skincare activities over four evenings

Extremely popular on social media like Instagram and TikTok skincycling is the latest skin care trend of the moment. Born from the doctor’s mind Whitney Bowean American dermatologist who invented a plan aimed at bringing people closer to safe skin care without causing skin damage, skincycling consists of follow a protocol divided into four different phases of applying the product that, every night, pallows you to alternate between different cosmetics to make the most of the power of their active ingredients and limit the chances of skin damage. This is because, with active ingredients such as retinol or peeling acids, it is necessary to follow rules and take precautions that are often not followed, which leads us to increase the risk of sensitization, inflammation, redness and make the skin more sensitive.

So let’s take a closer look how skin cycling works!

Skin cycling: in the evening

There first night she is the dedicated onepeeling. We start with a gentle and nourishing cleanse that doesn’t dry out the skin or give the typical “tight skin” feeling, then follow up with an exfoliating treatment based on your preferences. If you have sensitive skin, choose an enzymatic exfoliator. If your skin tolerates other types of acids well, simply choose between glycolic acid (AHA), salicylic acid or BHA, lactic acid or mandelic acid. Finally, complete the routine with a nice protective moisturizer.

Leather cycling: two nights

The protagonist of the second night is retinol (i.e. vitamin A): the Holy Grail of anti-aging ingredients. However, as we know very well, retinol, in addition to being anti-wrinkle par excellence, stimulates the cell cycle and protects against aging and degenerative damage caused by free radicals, it also has contraindications and “weak points”. Indeed this ingredient It should not be applied in the morning, because it is photosensitizing (ie makes the skin more sensitive to UV and UVA rays), is not suitable for irritated or reactive skin and can cause redness, flaking and dryness if not gradually introduced into skin care. In order not to subject the skin to unnecessary stress, the second night is reserved for this active ingredient to be applied alone: ​​before applying retinol, simply proceed with the usual cleansing and then use the form of retinol that you like best (serum, oil, cream, treatment and so on). An advice? To be even more relaxed, before using retinol do a sandwich applying soothing product – retinol – soothing product in sequence.

Skin cycling: night three and four

The third and fourth nights are reserved for rest and recovery of the skin.

After using two of most ingredients strong In fact, the purchase of cosmetics should be stopped for a while. So what should we do? Pamper your skin with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, chamomile, green tea, calendula, ceramides, urea) to restore the skin barrier and maintains the hydrolipidic and microbial balance. In addition, you can also alternate with soothing masks or spray treatments to be sprayed as needed during the day.

PS: remember that if necessary, the recovery nights can be extended to more than two.

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