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largeThe routine of words may give the idea of ​​a firm and exacting commitment, but it is the only way to get concrete results. And once you see the benefits firsthand, you won’t be able to do without them anymore.

There is a lot of talk skin care routine, Of step to follow and to products to usethat among beauty novices there is more confusion than desire to experiment with this practice skin care which instead, if done with dedication and even minimal effort, can yield many results skin benefits.

Let’s be honest, create one essential skincare routine that suits your skin’s needs It doesn’t require the IQ of a Nobel laureate, just a little dedication morning and night. The biggest obstacle is not being incompetent – we all started somewhere, learned, experimented and made mistakes – but being lazy. And laziness is one of the biggest enemies of the skin.

If you’re already willing to put in some effort, before you panic, let’s clear up a few points.

Skin care routine what does it mean

Yes, skin care or a skin care routine takes commitment, but you don’t have to spend hours every day to treat your skin. Cleansing morning and night, a serum and a cream are the basic skin care steps and require a maximum of 7 minutes of your time.

Those who prefer a more complex routine or have more skin needs can introduce other steps with products that meet their needs. Obviously, when it comes to your skin care routine steps, there are some ground rules that must be followed.

Skin care routine steps

Why are we talking about skin care routine steps? Because each product must be applied in a precise order, step by step, starting with the lightest and most watery textures to finish with the heaviest and fullest, such as oils and rich creams.

Skin care routine steps

Any self-respecting skincare routine always starts with cleansing, which serves to remove traces of sebum, dirt, pollution, makeup and spf (especially at night, but who wants to put their dirty face on the pillow and then sleep on it all night?): so you’ll have a perfectly clean canvas on which to apply all the products.

After cleansing, in more complex skin care routines, a toner and/or essence is used: they are very light products with a watery consistency that are quickly absorbed by the skin and serve to prepare it for the other steps. Again, whether you use them or not is up to you, so if you think they’re taking up too much time you can go straight to the serum.

Therefore, the serum will be the second step of your minimal skin care routine. Don’t worry, even minimalists can take care of their skin and get great results. The serum It is a skin care product that has a light texture, although not like a toner and essence, usually water-based. What is the serum used for? The serum is usually the treatment part, meaning what you use as needed, so it’s important to know your skin’s needs. If your skin doesn’t suit you speaks (translation: you don’t know what you need by looking in the mirror and you have no special sensations) find an expert who knows how to guide you best, but when in doubt, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

However, if you have different needs and don’t have the time or desire to use multiple serums, find a complete one, with the active ingredients that suit you: as much as possible, especially if you are not an expert in formulas and mixtures, avoid making mixtures that may cause skin damage.

After the serum comes the moment of the cream and also in this case there are different types, depending on the skin type you will find the one with the right texture for you – gel, liquid, cream, rich cream – and with the function that suits you, serves, moisturizes or nourishes.

Routine skin care products

There is no such thing as a perfect product, but the right product does exist for you. Every skin has different needs and not everyone likes the same texture, so you can trust the advice of those who may have skin similar to yours to give you a better chance of success the first time rather than navigating the endless sea of ​​options the market has to offer .Offers.

Let’s start with the cleaning. This is already a watershed moment and two different paths can be taken, both correct. The first is to use a cleanser that removes makeup and washes, the other is his double cleaningwith an oil-based detergent first and then a foaming one: choosing one or the other is a matter of personal preference.

As you may have already guessed, there are different types of cleansers and makeup removers and not only the textures change, but also the functions. Cleansing milk, mousse, gel, make-up removing oil, micellar water (for rinsing!), butters: if you already have an idea of ​​your preferences, it’s easier to figure it out. Then, based on this look for what suits your skin, for example acne, rosacea and sensitive skin, use different active ingredients: those with acne will probably use a mechanical scrub that contains salicylic acid, and those with sensitive skin will look for emollients and soothing ingredients.

The same goes for the serum – hydrating, brightening, skin perfecting, anti-ageing: focus on two or three needs and you should be able to get by easily – and the cream.

In the morning, any self-respecting skincare routine worthy of the name always ends with sunscreen.

Korean skin care routine

Thanks to Korea we found out K-beautynot only in terms of the products used, which are formulated with natural ingredients, but the entire routine, i.e. 10-12 skin care steps that also include daily use of sheet masks and mists.

However, after the initial excitement, there were many setbacks: too demanding and too much time in the bathroom. The truth is that this type of care is a real philosophy of life that involves a lot of hydration and a lot of kindness to the skin and it is not necessary to be overwhelmed by Korean beauty routinebecause steps can also be greatly reduced.

Morning and night skin care routine steps

Now that we’ve established that skin care products should be applied in a specific order and that they should be chosen based on need, let’s refine our skin care routine and figure out how to have the gentlest approach. Don’t feel overwhelmed by so much information, it’s less complicated than it seems.

In the morning the steps are cleansing, serum, cream and SPF. Possibly toner or essence and the contour of the eyes. The star is for the night, when you obviously won’t wear SPF and once or twice a week you’ll do an enzymatic peel (after cleansing) to get rid of dead cells and get better absorption of the products.

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