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Heyto sleeping on silk pillowcases, to thinning shampoo, here are six tips that will change the way you care for your hair

You wash your hair with the right products for your hair type every time, do nourishing masks at least once a week and apply all the rules for an ideal routine for your hair, but you still can’t see the results you want to succeed ?

Sometimes, we don’t get what we want it doesn’t necessarily depend on how we treat our hair, but what we do and how we treat our hair in between. Let’s explain better: if you are conscientious and strict about washing and conditioning, but in the summer you are exposed to the sun without any protection, it is normal that, despite your efforts, your hair will always be fragile. the same goes for that frizzy effect you hate but… keep sleeping on a non-silk pillowcase. Do I understand now? For this reason in this article we will reveal it to you six tricks you might not have known, to take the best possible care of your hair, even between washes.

Avoid brushing wet hair

Wet hair fiber is more porous and sensitive and therefore more fragile: Therefore, when wet and humid, hair tends to break more easily compared to when they are dry, if combed. That’s why it’s best to brush your hair only when it’s dry and, if it’s really impossible not to comb it after the shower, as is the case with many curly hair, proceed only after applying the conditioner or the mask: this way the knots will dissolve more easily and you won’t risk breaking the fibers.

Dilute the shampoo

Dilute the shampoo with water before use so that it is less aggressive on the scalp and, consequently, on the hair when it slides along. This way you will avoid itchy, dry and irritated hair bulbs and at the same time you will not dehydrate your hair.

Dry your hair with the towel

From a young age, we are used to, as soon as we get out of the shower, vigorously rubbing the towel on our hair to dry it faster. Here: there is nothing more wrong than that. The act of rubbing roughens the skincausing the classic, much-hated frizz effect and also increasing the risk of fiber breakage.

The The best way to dry your hair is to wrap it in a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt until the water is absorbed, then pat gently.

Avoid hair dryers, straighteners and irons

As we already know, excessive heat is harmful to the hair cuticles and therefore it would be a good idea to avoid the hair dryer whenever possible. So this summer, take advantage of the opportunity to give a well-deserved gift Vacation in your hair and let your hair air dry: at most, if you have curly hair and absolutely need a diffuser, put the dryer on the lowest temperature and keep at a safe distance, without focusing too much on a certain area to damage the hair less. The same rule will also apply (and even more so) to straighteners and irons: keep their use and temperature to a minimum, as cuticles should never be exposed to temperatures above 180°C and never forget to apply a heat protector.

Six tricks for healthy and strong hair
Six tricks for healthy and strong hair

Do not tie your hair too tightly

Tying your hair too tightly can damage it: the nerve endings connected to the root of each hair are actually subjected to pressure which in the long run can turn into pain, putting you at risk of traction alopecia. local hair loss due to repeated or prolonged stress on the hair follicle. Not only that: even the fibers themselves can be damaged, dry out, dry out and break where the tires clamp. The ideal would be to leave the hair styled with a very soft or even completely loose braid.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Say goodbye to ordinary pillowcases: silk pillowcases have huge benefits for our hair! Compared to cotton, in fact, create less friction That avoids frizz and the risk of fiber breakage, as well as reducing irritation (also to the skin).

Six tricks for healthy and strong hair

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