Shine: Gigi Hadid’s bright blonde is pure light

Gigi Hadid gives us the top color of the summer on Instagram: butter blonde, worth copying!

A bright and very bright blonde, perfect for her complexion: Gigi Hadid change your look again and show off great hair on Instagram. The top model decided to put aside the shades of red that she experimented with in the last months and the platinum blonde, highlighting a brand new color. It’s about butter blondea blonde with very light and sweet highlights, perfect for her.

The painful breakup with me was filed away Zayn Malik, the model chose a great new look. A warm and very bright blonde, enhanced by a wavy fold. The cool detail? Brown and exposed roots, nineties style and combined with natural and iconic eyebrows. Credit for Gigi Hadid’s new look goes to stylist Elizabeth Sulcer;who has long taken care of the image of the top model.

Butter blonde is one bright and soft shade, alternating with milky and golden hues, decidedly cold. Perfect for giving a relaxed and modern touch to Gigi’s Botticelli look, rooted in the model’s natural light brown colour. How to show off Gigi Hadid’s buttery blonde hair? California style waves combined with natural brows are ideal. To give a super chic touch to her hairstyle, the it-girl decided to add extensions with a beach wave styling effect. The very soft waves, which seem to be created effortlessly, are perfectly combined with a very natural makeup, characterized by eyebrows with an arched design and a natural shade.

How to copy Gigi Hadid’s beach waves? The secret lies in a styling that gives a “sun-kissed” effect.. There are many methods to achieve this hairstyle, perfect for summer. Do you want to use the straightener? Next, wash and dry your hair, then part your hair into two sections, working only on the lengths for a natural effect. Looking for a faster way to get soft waves? Spray salt on wet hair, then finish styling using a littlecoconut oil. Do you have some free time? Prefer a chignon, which you will make after bathing before going to bed. Braids are also great, a perfect alternative if you want a hairstyle that lasts a long time, thanks to fixing products too.

And if butter blonde is the top color to enhance beach waves, there is also plenty of room for light brown, enriched with very light contrasting shades. For a wow effect like that of Gigi Hadid.

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