How to set caller tune in jio for free

how to set caller tune in jio for

If you are a live consumer, then you get a chance to set Caller Tune on your mobile number for free.  Today we are going to tell you how you can set up Caller Tune in Jio in a few minutes. You have to activated an unlimited pack, then you get free caller tune from Jio Sim, in that way it costs money to set up Hello Tune.  Due to which many people do not set it, but when it is happening for free, almost all people want to set it. Due to lack of information, many people are unable to set Hello Tune. Let’s know how you can set Caller Tune in your mobile. In this article  i’ll describe how to set caller tune in jio for free

The ways of setup caller tune in jio

 Here we are going to tell you two ways, in which the first way is of Jio Music App, the second way is of message.  In the first way you should have Jio Music App installed, so that you can set Hello Tunes for free without any hassle.  In the second way, you have to make a message to Simple Jio, after which you can select any song and set a hello tune or caller tune, so let’s know both ways.

 At first you have to download the Jio Music App. If  you do not have a Jio Music App, then simply go the play store and download the My Jio app. If you have a Jio SIM then you have My Jio  Must have app. You can install Jio Music app very easily.

set caller tune in jio
set up caller tune in jio

After this you have to open the Jio Music App,  every song is available for Caller Tune in Jio. But you will find recent songs for Caller Tune in Jio.  Whatever song you want to set for caller tune, go to the app’s search box and search. After searching, you have to click on that song.  After searching, if the option of Set as Jio Tune is available on your song, then you can set that song for caller tune in Jio Sim. If the option of Set as Jio Tune is not available, then it means that  The song is not available for Jio Sim Caller Tune.

 To set the caller tune, as soon as you click on Set as Jio Tune, after some time your song will be set for the caller tune. Once set, you get a message and an emset  that says you have successfully set the song for the caller tune.

Messaging procedure: set caller tune in jio

 In this way, first of all you have to go to the message box of your mobile then you have to send an SMS or message to the number 56789 by typing JT in the message box. After that you have to select any song and send it in this way.  You can also set caller tune by SMSing 56789 from your live sim.

 If you want to set the caller tune of someone else in your mobile, for this you have to give the button of the ring (star) in the other mobile while going to the ring (star), its caller tune will be activated on your live sim.

Final word

 Now you will know that how to set caller tune in jio the question will be in your mind that how long will this tune stay on Jio Sim, then tell you that it will be activated for a month, after that you have to click and play again  If you want to activate another song within a month, then you can do this too, so in this way you can enjoy Caller Tune for free in Jio Sim, for this you do not have to pay any money. I hope now you are able set up caller tune in jio.

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