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SEO and Content Marketing are not new for you, right? But, sometimes the thing that leaves you perplexed is the similarity and difference between them. Trust me, better knowledge on the both concepts not only help you in enhancing your online presence, however, it also assists you to create a brand from a small online website. Who doesn’t want the success? No one for sure, the success is the only thing that fascinates every person regardless of their work and position.

Hence, turning an online business into a renowned brand is must be your first and foremost goal to be achieved. So, getting information on the content marketing and SEO is a must.

Let’s start what marketers think? Usually, they consider both the terms as a separate activity. It will be not shocking if you think the same as well. However, it is true but not completely as they go hand in hand and can drive the unexpected result.

SEO and Content Marketing Are Integrated


They are distinct with few overlapping regions. Imagine what you do in SEO, link building, and social promotion, which is actually the online promotions. Now, what content marketing is all about? Obviously, online promotion. If the aim of both is same then how can be they are separated?

Moreover, the asset, how can we forget? The content, both need quality content for stepping forward to enhance the online presence of your brand.

Differences between SEO and Content Marketing

Along with the similarity, there are few differences as well that separate them. Let’s check out what are those-

Content marketing focuses on branding by promoting your online business on the renowned website to get quality link. However, SEO refers to just building links it hardly related to branding.

  • SEO is more technical and is a limited specific area.
  • Content marketing is broader than it is estimated and more holistic.
  • SEO is keyword focused and content marketing refers to deliver information and solution to your audience.

How SEO and Content Marketing Come Together?

So far, we have provides the details on what are the similarities and the differences between SEO and content marketing. But, this information is not complete with the knowledge of its implementation.

So, read how you can use both to get most of it. SEO and Content complement each other, let’s check out how-

As mentioned above, both need content, but SEO states what is required whereas content marketing satisfies all the requirements.

While moving ahead, do keep it in mind.

SEO requires content. Content marketing is content.

SEO without content doesn’t exist anywhere. To implement an SEO strategy you need keywords, words, substance and more.

Without any doubt, it is a well-known fact that Content is King, and this you can’t deny the same.

Now, come to what content marketing is all about? Content for sure.

We agree with both but the question arises, how many of us give emphasis on the content of SEO? Only few will say yes. As till now, SEO is all about keywords and enhancing the presence of the specific list of keyword.

But do remember, Google may penalize you by over-stuffing the keywords and not providing the relevant content.

When SEO yells, “We require more content!” content marketing act in responses, “Gotcha taken care of!”

SEO demands backlinks. Content marketing introduces backlinks.

The main target of SEO is to get high-quality backlinks from sites that have DA of around 98 or 95. Online marketers are constantly trying to build the authority of the website by getting quality links from renowned sites. But the goals of SEO can only be accomplished by unleashing outstanding content through content marketing.

So, from now onwards, use killer content for your SEO strategies and publish them on high DA sites.

This practice also reduces your efforts of SEO as people will love share that quality piece of advice.

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