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RAwaken the seductive power of your lips with lip plumpers!

The lip it has always been one of the most captivating and fascinating characteristics of a human being. Theirs voluminous and sensual appearance it has the power to attract attention and enchant anyone who observes them.
Many opt for invasive procedures, but there are simpler and more temporary options on the market to achieve amazing results. And this is where it is lips fullerinnovative products specially created to give the lips a fuller and more voluptuous appearance without resorting to drastic measures such as fillers.

Summarizing? They are the perfect solution for those who want irresistible lips without having to go through painful advanced cosmetic procedures. Born in the early 90s, they have never stopped being loved and appreciated for their amazing results. Now, more than twenty years later, their formulas have been revised and implemented, so much so that they are truly hybrids between cosmetic makeup and lip care products. Are you ready to give your mouth a touch of extra sensuality and volume?

How lip plumpers work to give volume to the lips

THE lips fuller are innovative products that promise to give the lips a more voluminous and sensual appearance. But how do they work? Most lip plumpers contain ingredients such as menthol or the capsicum, can stimulate blood circulation and temporarily increase blood flow to the lips. This effect creates a slight swelling and a tingling sensation, which gives the lips a fuller and plumper appearance. Thanks to their special formula, lip plumpers offer immediate results and without having to resort to fillers.

The different types of lip liners available in the market

There are several types of lip liners available in the market, from the most popular ones glossy lips, which offer quick and easy application, giving the lips a shiny and voluminous effect at the same time. Over time many of these lip products have been reformulated and enriched with moisturizing and nourishing ingredientslikeHyaluronic Acid or jojoba oil, to keep lips soft and moisturized.

Tips for applying and using plumping lips

First of all, prepare your lips by exfoliating gently to remove any dead cells and make the surface smooth. Then, apply the lip plumper with thin and even strokes, starting from the center of the lips towards the outer corners. If you want to achieve an even more intense effect, you can layer the product without overdoing it. Remember to let the lips dry thicker for a few minutes to allow the ingredients to work. Finally, for a complete make-up look, redefine the outline of your lips with a pencil and apply your favorite lipstick.


Its soft and melted texture spreads easily on the lips, tickling them with selected ingredients that stimulate microcirculation: a very light and temporary tingling sensation accompanies a clear increase in lip volume in the minutes after application.


Essence Plumping Lip Filler What The Fake!
The exclusive vegan formulation of what’s fake! PLUMPING LIP FILLER, enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, gives your lips the hydration they need. Plus, it plumps up your lips, leaving a glossy finish.


La Mer The Lip Volumizer
Natural brightness and an irresistible sense of volume. Enriched with Miracle Brothâ„¢, this lip serum protects, hydrates and volumizes, helping you achieve an instantly fuller look.


A transparent volumizing balm that increases lip volume in minutes and color saturation with a natural blush


Enriched with the exclusive Extra Plump Complex, this thick lip balm delivers instant 24-hour hydration and 8-hour shine, while visibly plumping lips and smoothing the appearance of fine lines.


Too Faced Lip Injection
Powered by an effective delivery system with vitamin E, collagen-like MaxiLip and Dehydrated Sea Sponge aimed at promoting blood circulation, this volumizing lip serum plumps and rehydrates for long-lasting effect. From Sephora



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