Scandinavian Hairline: lighting to illuminate the face

Forget balayage, highlights, shatush and the money part: it’s the Scandinavian hairline the perfect solution to give light to the face with paint. A trend born, apparently, on TikTok, where the Scandinavian technique he has conquered more than a hair. ONE beauty pageant as simple as it is intelligent: the discoloration, in fact, only takes place in thefine line, creating a kind of frame around the face. The result is very blonde hair, shiny and natural at the same time, perfect for creating a kind of halo, which gives the hair a Nordic and divine look. With a hashtag of over 85 million posts, the Scandinavian hairline is the ideal solution for prolonging the effects of summer on the hair.

Scandinavian Hairline: what it is and what the technique consists of

An illuminating color obtained without spending hours and hours in the salon: the Scandinavian hairline it is achieved by lighting very small and narrow sections of hair, strategically placed around the face. To do this, obviously, you need to bleach your hair right at the hairline, starting from baby hair. In this way it is possible to obtain an intense but natural brightness, which simulates the lightning achieved under the sun. The advantage, then, is that the Scandi Hairline Technique It can be combined with any coloring service, from highlights to balayage, to a full blonde makeover. To emphasize the mini locks that need to be well bleached, the colorist should comb them towards the face. By doing this it will be possible to get the color very close to the scalp, getting abright adhesion.

Is it bad to dye your hair?

One thing to consider when undergoing discoloration is that you may feel a slight tingling during the exposure time. In some cases, even the scalp could itching and burning slightly: for this very reason, despite the simplicity of the color, it is better to rely on a professional to create a perfect Scandinavian hairline. In addition, an experienced hairdresser will also be able to take care of the hair, preventing the weakening of the baby hair and possible breakage, especially in a fragile part of the hair such as the hairline.

Scandinavian Hairline: how to care for your hair at home?

Since this is a bleaching service, it is important to take good care of your hair, especially at home, to maintain its condition color glow and keep your hair strong. So, your hair care routine should start from one purple shampoo, which can act as a tonic and eliminate yellow reflections. The second step, then, must be a mask: in this case it is possible to use a nourishing or reflective composition, but being careful to use a little product on the roots, to avoid weighing them down. And if the discoloration has made your hair brittle, the ideal solution is to opt for it anti-fall vials which can strengthen the hair.

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