Santa Claus Express: the train that takes you to Santa Claus

THElarge night train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi through snowy landscapes of Finnish Lapland.

A night journey through snowy landscapes and the Northern Lights to meet Santa Claus.

It’s not a fairy tale, but the Santa Expressthe double-decker night train from Helsinki, southern Finland, travels through snowy northern Lapland, stops in Rovaniemi, the official town of Santa Claus, and continues to Kemijärvi, the final destination.

Santa Express

From the comfortable compartments of this train you can admire the wonders of Finland and wake up the next morning in the Arctic Circle.

In less than fifteen hours, in fact, you can find yourself in a magical place where the sun doesn’t set for weeks in the summer and doesn’t rise for weeks in the winter.

The Santa Claus Expresss is the best way to get there Rovaniemi and immediately immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere. In the city of Finnish Lapland you can still visit Santa Claus and his faithful helpers, elves and reindeer, at any time of the year.

Also, if you’re lucky, you can see the fantastic Northern Lights or the midnight sun, depending on the season.

A trip to Rovaniemi is definitely the best gift you can give to children. The capital of Lapland, Finland, is actually known as the official residence of Santa Claus.


Eight kilometers from the center of Rovaniemi is Santa’s village with his house, central post office, snowman world and Santa’s grotto just a stone’s throw from the village.

Santa’s HQ, Joulukkahowever, it is in the depths of the earth, in a secret place Rovaniemi Forests, and is accessible via a special shuttle service. The elves will take you on an unforgettable journey into the heart of Christmas at Santa Park.

Just board the Magic Train to travel through enchanted worlds, cross the Arctic Circle underground and enter the Ice Princess’s kingdom, feel the fresh winter air in the Ice Tunnel, enjoy the elf show, send Christmas wishes to mail , decorate cookies in Mrs. Gingerbread’s kitchen and whisper your fondest wishes to Santa himself.

It’s Christmas all year round in Rovaniemi. In addition, the Lapland city is also an evocative destination for those who want to see the Northern Lights.

Between arctic nature tours and journeys into the Sami culture, Rovaniemi is the city that will conquer the adults too.

For special nights under the Nordic lights, we recommend staying at the Arctic SnowHotel, where you can sleep in an igloo made of ice and glass, perfect for admiring the Northern Lights. If you want to see polar bears go to Ranua Wildlife Parkone hour south of Rovaniemi.

How to book the Santa Claus Express

Reservations on the Santa Claus Express night trains are mandatory. It is recommended to pre-book as early as possible in several ways: on the Interrail website, by calling Finnish Railways (VR) customer service (+358 9 2319 2902) or at the train station by paying a €1 service fee.

How to travel on the Santa Claus Express

When booking you can choose between three different travel options on the Santa Claus Express. You can book a seat in a classic carriage or in an apartment for two or four people.

Alternatively, you can book a single or double cabin with one bed and only a sink or a deluxe single or double cabin with en-suite bathroom. All solutions will still have a window from which you can admire the magnificent view. The train is also equipped with a restaurant car, wifi and equipment for disabled people.

Cost of booking Santa Claus Express

  • Seat: €10
  • Double bed: €40 per person
  • Single bed: €100
  • Deluxe double bed with private bathroom: 49 euros per person
  • Deluxe single car with private bathroom: 118 euros per person

During high season booking prices increase by 10% – 20%.

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