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Address and understand i childish outbursts It is one of the great challenges of parents, who often wonder how to manage crying spells, the struggle to get dressed or problems related to respecting the rules established by adults.

However, the term “whim” is often used inappropriately to describe sudden desires of little ones that adults tend to indulge more or less. It’s important to keep in mind that these behaviors always have a backstory an implicit needwhich the boy or girl asks you to consider.

In Uppa’s stele dedicated to rules and whims industry experts examine and delve into these requests, showing how to try to deal with these moments and how to interpret the requests of the little boy or girl.

Children’s tantrums: how to manage and cope with them

Francesca PericaMontessori teacher

Although tantrums are completely normal as a child grows, we can still work on “prevention” and thus reduce their number. To do this, it is best to follow the “3 Cs” method.

Punishments for children? Harmful and useless

Elena Ravazoloeducator

The little girl gets booked

The danger of an education system based on rewards and punishments is that, over time, children and parents become distant, because the child, in addition to having no freedom of choice, will not consider the consequences of what he does , but will only decide based on the adult’s reaction

Between “yes” and “no”: the important thing is consistency

Francesca PericaMontessori teacher

The little girl sulks because she got a no

It is not always easy for parents today to learn to say no to their children. However, it is important because only by constantly measuring permissions and refusals do we teach our children to be truly free

Children’s “no”: what to do?

Stefania NettiPsychologist

The child is crying

Through contrast the child experiences a sense of self that is separate and distinct from others. It is up to us adults to guide him in the most appropriate way in this delicate phase of development

Slap the kids: it’s always wrong

Valentina Alice Tomasellidevelopmental psychotherapist

The little girl cries after the slap

When our children get angry or we lose our temper, we may be tempted to respond with a slap. But it is never the right solution and the results are always negative

Prohibitions: what if the child reacts badly?

Elena Ravazoloeducator

Child reacting by screaming to a ban

The emotional outburst that can occur when faced with a ban is dictated in most cases by the fact that children do not feel heard and understood and cannot find any other way to communicate what they feel. We must avoid bringing them into this situation

Saying “no” helps children grow

Paolo Ragusatrainer and consultant

The little girl who tells him no

It is not always easy to say “no”, but it is important to be able to do it when necessary: ​​in this way the child’s development is promoted. Let’s see why

Children and rules: how to teach them to respect them?

Paolo Rocatopsychoanalyst

Little girl moving chess and learning the rules

Parents must be able to help the child understand the rules that regulate common life, so that he internalizes and respects them. Let’s see how

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