Reverse Money Piece: the technique that reverses the lighting

largeand lighting on the sides of the face… flips. Here, the face framing effect changes a face, subverting the classic proportions between light and dark colors.

His fate hair trends it is to be reinterpreted and personalized. A fate they also share Piece of Money, the bright highlights placed on the sides of the face. A useful trick to lighten any color, designed so that lighter locks create a natural contrast with darker hair. The level of contrast, of course, depends on the effect you want to achieve: Money Pieces, in fact, can blend in with the rest of the hair or shine through bold and colorful combinations. Even though he chooses one natural highlighter As lightening is a smart solution to enhance the beauty of makeup, social trends have found new ways to interpret Money Pieces, creating a unique and personal effect. Here then the blonde gives way to darker shades, from black to brown, which reverse the perspective and surround the face with a more intense frame, based on dark colors. They are called Reverse coin and it’s the 90s style that adds a dramatic (and definitely not banal) touch to the hair.

Reverse Money Piece: what they are and how to do them

Among the first to show off a pair of Reverse Money Pieces was Meg Schipani, a Los Angeles hairstylist and colorist with overwhelming creativity. The key to replicating her look is to simply reverse the colors. Here then his champagne blonde shines in contrast Chocolate brown front locks, suitable for creating an unexpected and intense frame. The secret of the Reverse Money Piece, in fact, is the drastic cut, which draws attention to the face. A plus for the health of the hair: the blockages around the face, in fact, tend to be thinner and more sensitive, and the bleaching required for lightening could, in some cases, be aggressive. Precisely for this reason, relying on a dark color could be decisive.

Face-framing locks: the secret is versatility

Very easy to maintain, Reverse Money Pieces know how to draw attention to your face. Not just brown, though: there are also dark shades to try purple and blue, black and burgundy. The key, in fact, is to personalize the trend and experiment, as long as the contrast with the rest of the hair remains unchanged. So, the result depends on the locks you want to color. In addition to a few thin stripes next to the face, in fact, one can also paint curtain fringe or one short and cute bangs. The advantage? A little trimming will be enough to do it unwritten table and experiment with a new look.

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