Renato Zero’s house: where the beloved Bel Paese singer lives

Renato Zero, stage name of Renato Fiacchini, is one of the most famous and beloved singers in Italy. A strong, unforgettable and free personality, who was able to transform criticism and failures into strength and creative energy and made his surname an insult: Zero. But where does the famous Roman singer live? As there Renato Zero’s house?

The singer, born in Rome, has never left his birthplace: he still lives today in the capital, in a luxurious villa on Via della Camilluccia. In this article we discover together Renato Zero’s Roman villa and its surroundings, also taking a look at the beautiful country house in Argentario, immersed in the magical panorama of Tuscany.

Where Renato Zero lives: the Roman villa and country house in Argentario

The houses of Renato Zero they are in Roman territory and in Tuscany. The singer who from “being zero” became one of the most famous and beloved personalities in Italy, usually resides in Rome and, more specifically, in Via della Camilluccia. The Roman house perfectly reflects the different aspects of his personality: passion for beauty, creativity, art and unconditional love for his city.

Of relation to capital is a ten-year love story: born in 1950, Renato Zero spent his childhood in Via Ripetta, a stone’s throw from Piazza del Popolo. In his teens he moved to the Montagnola area, to a large barracks reserved for public security officials. It was also in Rome that he began to frequent clubs and perform in front of an audience, starting his career and it is right in his city, in a beautiful villa on Via della Camilluccia, in the Quartiere Della Vittoria, that the famous Italian singer lives again today.

There second home of Renato Zero located in its enchanting cityArgentario and, more specifically, in Cala Piccola, the ideal retreat to escape the chaos of the city and enjoy the tranquility of the sea.

Where does Renato Zero live in Rome? The house in Via della Camilluccia

Where to meet Renato Zero walking the streets of the capital? As several testimonials indicate, there are many chances to meet the singer inside Via della Camillucciawhere his luxurious villa is located.

Quartiere Della Vittoria is the place chosen by many local VIPs who, given the exceptional tranquility of the area, have decided to buy a house in Via della Camilluccia, Rome. Renato Zero thus joins other celebrities from the world of entertainment who reside in this area of ​​the capital, including Fiorello, Renzo Arbore and Milly Carlucci.

From villa of Renato Zero There is not much information: the only information available about the singer’s residence concerns the presence of a swimming pool and an annex inside the large garden, where there is also a comfortable patio and many tall trees.

as for the interiors of Renato Zero’s house, however, little or nothing is known: rumors speak of large windows, rich carpets and memorabilia from his concerts. Apart from these minimal clues, the interior of Renato Zero’s house remains a mystery and all that remains is to wonder how he could furnish it given the creativity of the beloved Roman singer.

What is known for sure though is that rich history and cityscape of Via della Camilluccia. The name of the now famous street comes from Camillo Filippo Ludovico Borghese, a noble Italian brother-in-law of Napoleon.

The prince used to take this road to reach his country estate. This small road was, then, a common street with no name, but the common people of the time began to identify it as “Camillo’s street” or “Camillo’s road” which over time transformed into what it is today. “Camilluccia”.

For those wishing to live in the Quartiere Della Vittoria, next to important figures from the world of entertainment and music, they have two options to choose from, namely:

Choosing one of these options allows, in any case, to live in residences surrounded by greenery, one step away from numerous architectural works, religious and civil, of particular importance to the city. Among them are Farnesina PalaceTHE Rai Palace, Villa Melliniand the most famous Foro Italicothe heart of the Roman sporting community.

Renato Zero’s house in Argentario: an oasis of peace between sea and sky

Where does Renato Zero spend his time when he is not in his beloved capital? The famous Italian singer also has a villa in the Argentario area in the province of Grosseto and, more specifically, in Good Piccolanear Porto Santo Stefano.

Also his villa in Argentario by Renato Zero there is not much news. What is known is that it is a large house with a view of the sea and that Raffaella Carrà also lived in its surroundings and was even seen several times vacationing with the Roman singer.

Good Piccola is a quiet corner of paradise near Porto Santo Stefano, a hamlet on Monte Argentario surrounded by Grosseto Maremma and part of the Silver Coast at the southern tip of Tuscany. Monte Argentario is a magnificent promontory overlooking its clear waters Tyrrhenian Sea and the rugged coast of the region offers amazing natural beauty, with coves and beaches, mostly rocky, and numerous islets that surround it.

Lovers of the sea and nature can only think of buying a house in Cala Piccola, whose price per m2 is around 4,613 euros (price of houses for sale per m2 in September 2023 in the Monte Argentario area). Alternatively, you can choose the numerous houses for rent in Cala Piccola to take advantage of the beauty of the Grosseto area without buying the property. Regarding rents, it is good to know that the price per m2 is around 45.90 euros (price per m2 in September 2023 for rental houses in the Monte Argentario area).

Renting or buying a property in this area of ​​Tuscany means enjoying peace and tranquility immersed in a true gem of a landscape. On the other hand, there is certainly a reason why a celebrity of great importance in the history of Italian music such as Renato Zero decided to buy his residence in this very location.

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Where is Renato Zero’s house?

Renato Zero’s house is in Rome, Via della Camilluccia, Quartiere Della Vittoria.

Where did Renato Zero live as a boy?

Renato Zero spent his youth in the capital: as a boy he lived first in Via Ripetta, in the central area, and later in Montagnola, on the outskirts of Rome.

Who is Renato Zero’s father?

Renato Zero’s father was Domenico Fiacchini, a former policeman who died in 1980.

What is Renato Zero’s best selling album?

Renato Zero’s best selling album is “Amore Dopo Amore”, released in 1998.

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