Quality of life: ranking of the provinces where people live best in Italy in 2023

The 34th survey on Quality of life of Sole 24 Ore which reveals which are the Italian provinces where people live best.

Where you live best

The 2023 edition of the Sole 24 Ore survey on the quality of life in Italy held surprises and confirmations, with Udine winning first place in the overall ranking for the first time.

This promotion marks a historic moment for the province of Udine, which is fully entering the history of the ranking, having reached the top ten only three times between 1990 and today.

The second and third places were respectively occupied by Bologna and Trento, both confirming their important positions.

Bologna, winner of the 2022 edition, stood out once again in the Demography, Health and Society category, thanks to its high levels of education.

Trento, on the other hand, already a winner of the Sportsmanship Index and Urban Ecosystem 2023, continues to demonstrate its commitment to the quality of life of its residents.

Bologna Portici

Quality of life 2023: the ranking of the provinces where people live best in Italy

Quality of life

The 2023 edition of the Quality of Life report was created taking into account 90 statistical indicators on which the research is based

The Sole 24 Ore survey takes into account 107 Italian provinces, which were analyzed using 90 statistical indicators.

These indicators cover various aspects of daily life, from education to security, from economic well-being to access to services, offering a detailed and complex picture of well-being in the various Italian regions.

The indicators are divided into the traditional six thematic macro-categories (each consisting of 15 indicators) that have accompanied the survey since 1990:

  • wealth and consumption
  • business and work
  • environment and services
  • demography, society and health
  • justice and security
  • culture and leisure

Ranking 2023: 10 best Italian provinces.

  • 1. Udine
  • 2. Bologna
  • 3. Trend
  • 4. Aosta
  • 5. Bergamo
  • 6. Florence
  • 7. Modena
  • 8. Milan
  • 9. Monza and Brianza
  • 10. Verona

The worst Italian provinces for quality of life

  • 107. Foggia
  • 106. Caltanishetta
  • 105. Neapolis
  • 104. Syracuse
  • 103. Tick
  • 102. Cosenza
  • 101. Reggio Calabria
  • 100. Brindisi
  • 99. Drill
  • 98. Caserta
  • 97. Taranto

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