Punk-shock: Cara Delevingne’s hair draws attention

Piunk and shock: Cara Delevingne’s hair is trendy and worth emulating (even for just one night)!

Very colorful and undeniably shocking: his hair Dear Delevingne they attract attention and demonstrate, once again, his skill super model to dictate trends. Cara, on the other hand, has never been immune to radical looks, experimenting with different cuts and colors depending on her mood.

The latest transformation comes from London where the model was captured with a very special haircut: curtain bangs with pink tips framing her face, a leopard shave and super straight rainbow tufts. An undeniably shocking hairstyle, inspired by the punk culture of the city that Cara brings out with ease, combined with bright makeup in shades of pink.

Boldness and experimentation have, unsurprisingly, always been a very specific choice for Cara, determined to always try out different cuts and hairstyles. All these years we have seen her with shaved hair or with very long hair, she was one of the first to choose pink blonde and then moved on to dark brown. She launched the pixie cut trend and brought back the wet look, only to then opt for old Hollywood diva-style waves. In short, headshots for Cara Delevingne are a constant mood and a way to describe her state of mind.

The rainbow hair represents just the latest of many changes for the supermodel. A genderless trend, chosen by both men and women, perfect to shake up your look. Do you prefer pastel shades or vibrant shades? It doesn’t matter, what matters is to follow your instincts and focus on colors that bring a smile.

Because the beauty of air rainbows is that they can be done at home, for a special night out, and then you can go back to your usual look after a few shampoos. Bleach the hair, and then color it with the shades of the rainbow, it may seem simple, but in reality it is not. First it is necessary to nourish your hair well to avoid this an annoying “straw effect”. If you focus on DIY, go step by step: start bleaching the edges, choosing a single color, then experiment with other shades. Lilacs, pinks and blues remain star-loved colors, with plenty of room for Cara Delevingne’s choice of green and yellow. For styling, go for a wavy look, great for highlighting shades, while if you want a geometric effect, try a super smooth fold.

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