Proof of pension January 2024, discover the INPS guidelines

As usual, all pensioners can consult a tool that helps clarify doubts that may arise about the monthly payment being paid. Here’s what you need to know about it proof of pension January 2024. But when will it happen? visible on the internet? And how can you consult it (with Spid, but not only); LARGE’Inps provided important guidelines for proper understanding and consultation of the payroll. Let’s find out what you need to know about his dates paymentthe revaluation index and Irpef deductions.

When can you see the INPS pension pay slip?

Every month the pensioner waits around the 20th of the month to see the amount of the pension slip. How can it be checked in advance? The Social Security Institution calculates the monthly pension until the 15th of each month. To use the service In connection on the Institute’s website, authentication via digital ID is necessary (Spidelectronic ID, device PIN or CNS).

The service allows you consult your pension statementcheck ithow much of treatments paid by INPS each month, find out why this amount may vary, access other consulting, certification and data variation services.

Pension payment January 2024

The payment of pensions for January 2024 will arrive on the first banking day of the month, which is set as Wednesday 3 January 2024. While those who withdraw their pension in cash at the post office will be able to go, following the Calendar in alphabetical order, always starting from the first banking day of the month.

Here, in detail, is the Calendar for Pension payment January 2024:

  • from A to C: January 3.
  • D to K: January 4;
  • from L to P: January 5.
  • M to Z: January 7 (morning only).

Adjustment index

The automatic equalization increase, already attributed from January 1, 2023 on a temporary basis in the amount of 7.3%, was definitively determined in the amount of 8.1%. The relevant adjustment, equal to 0.8%, has already been applied to the pension installment for the month of December 2023.

Renewal of pensions

The INPS also announced that the pension renewal operations for the year 2024 have been carried out. The provisional index of adjustment of pensions for 2024 it equals 5.4%.

It should be noted that retirement allowances (extraordinary allowances, isopause, extension allowance, social monkey) are not reassessed as they are not in the nature of a retirement allowance.

For more information about the renewal mode for the year 2024, please refer to the circular to be published on the INPS portal. Renewal transactions may have caused credit or debit adjustments for various reasons related to the amount of pension paid in the year 2023.

These amounts were reported in the January 2024 pension slip under the description “Pension Adjustment Renewal”.

Withholding taxes

INPS explained that the final recalculation of tax withholdings concerning 2023 (Irpef and additional regional and municipal balance) was carried out on the basis of the total amount of pension benefits paid only by INPS.

In cases where the deductions have been made to a lesser extent than the amount owed on an annual basis, the debit differences will be recovered, as usual, in the January and February 2024 pension installments and by zeroing out the amount of the pension paid. in case the taxes are equal to or greater than the amount of the monthly installment paid.

Only in the case of pensioners with total annual amount of pensions up to 18 thousand eurosfor which the Irpef recalculation resulted in a debt settlement of more than 100 euros, installment expands until the month of November (article 38 par. 7 of Law 122/2010).

Concerning the taxable benefitsFurthermore, from the January pension installment, in addition to the monthly Irpef, the additional regional and municipal taxes concerning 2023 are withheld.

These deductions are actually made in eleven installments in the year following the one to which they refer. Adjusted amounts will be certified to Single Certification 2024.

His performance civil disabilityThe pensions or social benefitsThe non-taxable services for special reasons (tax reductions for foreign residence, victims of terrorism) there are no withholding taxes.

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