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VHas the wind, sun, sand, sea, pool and sunlight damaged your hair? Don’t worry: these simple tricks will restore your hair to its former shine!

Just like our skin, our beloved hair needs extra attention when we return from vacation. After the summer in fact the damage caused by wind, sun, sand, sea water and chlorinated pool water will – unfortunately – be clearly visible in our hair. And yes: even if we worked hard over the summer months to protect it in the best possible way, hair will need a good repair once we get back to basics, to restore its natural moisture, deal with dryness and split ends and prevent further brittleness and breakage. Due to external factors such as UVA and UVB solar radiation, hair bulbs and The stems had to deal with problems such as drying and weakening, without taking into account that the fibers, in the long run, if exposed to excessive heat, will have lost their natural shape and luster. Not only that, the skin will also need a refresh: In the summer we sweat and naturally produce more sebum, which simply means oilier hair that gets dirty faster. For this reason it is good to commit to a period of detoxification with specific treatments with a detoxifying effect. Finally, the color and cut: lfrees from frayed lengths and eliminates any unwanted shades.

Masks, masks, masks

The best way to nourish, hydrate and repair hair? Obviously the masks: targeted, concentrated and, let’s face it, also fun, they act on the deeper layers of the fibers and make the active ingredients quickly penetrate the shafts. The result? An intensive treatment ideal for hair restoration in the best way. In oil, applied before washing and left for about half an hour (or more) on wet hair or in cream, to be used between shampoo and conditioner, they are ideal even if the return to everyday life has taken over your life. busy for your hair care. Why; Because they can be left to act even while we are doing something else in complete peace.

Give new life to the scalp

In summer we know: because of the heat, we sweat more and this means that the skin (and therefore the scalp) will produce more sebum, making our skin oilier and most likely hair oilier too – except it’s dirty first. Therefore, once you return from vacation, dedicate yourself to restoring your scalp, using treatments with a detoxifying effect to cleanse the scalp, promote regeneration, oxygenation and promote cell renewal, such as scrubs or vials with detoxifying ingredients. Also, don’t forget to stimulate microcirculation to encourage the growth of hair that will undergo a completely normal slight seasonal fall after the summer.

Cut as necessary

We know, we know: cutting your hair always makes you turn up your nose, but if the lengths are dry, frizzy and dry, it’s always better to go a little shorter than a long and damaged hair, right? Take a quick trip to the salon to agree with a specialist eye on the inches that will need to be removed, the cut you’d like to get and…hack, chuck!

Use the products after the sun

As we said, the sun, salt, chlorine, wind and sand are just some of the external factors that stress the hair during the summer: so using products specially designed to deal with these problems will speed up the process fiber restoration. an accurate and definitive action.

Pay attention to the color

Like cut, color is one of the first elements that immediately catches the eye, and if it looks faded, damaged and uneven, it will be one of the first things you notice. If your hair is blonde (or at least leaning towards blonde) it’s very likely that prolonged exposure to the sun has turned it yellow: so load up on anti-yellowing and containing products with purple pigments, which will restore the blonde, making it cooler based on your preferences. Are you brown or brunette? Depending on the color level of your hair, the buns will have more or less reddish reflections: what you need to do is a tone that will bring you back to your base color. However, if you are red, you must first make a distinction: if your color is natural (and has lightened and you want to return it to its previous intensity) a simple and quick application of henna will be enough. if your color is artificial, before resorting to DIY, contact your trusted hairdresser for advice on what to do.

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