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largeand post-acne blemishes are a common consequence for those with pimples, but that doesn’t mean you should keep them as souvenirs. Indeed, in this case it is precisely the skin care that will help you to disappear them.

Post-acne spots are a consequence that often afflicts not only those who have suffered from this pathology, but also those who insist on squeezing pimples, exacerbating the already existing inflammatory condition.

Without pointing fingers at anyone, because we know that acne is a multifactorial pathology that triggers serious inflammatory processes, instead of despairing over the dark spots that have taken the place of pimples on the face, it is better to find a way to eliminate them.

Once again, skin care can be the solution to the problem: a post-acne blemish routine with products to help lighten post-pimple blemishes and even out your complexion.

Today we’re the ones recommending a serum that can help you fight the signs of hyperpigmentation after acne, but in the future you could be the one to recommend it thanks to the Test & Tell initiative: you’ll be able to get and try it for free NIVEA LUMINOUS630® 3IN1 POST SPOTS SERUMas well as delving into the subject of stains in a special section, with our tips on how to prevent and treat them.

What are acne scars?

The red or brown spots on pimples that remain after the acne heals are caused by the build-up of melanin that protects the skin from the sun. In the case of post-acne skin, the skin tissue has been injured by the pimples and this causes melanin to build up in the areas where the pimples used to be. For this reason, post-acne spots are defined as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, meaning they appear after healing.

How to get rid of post-acne spots

Just like acne-prone skin has an ad hoc routine, so does post-pimple-spotted skin. A treatment serum that targets melanin build-up, helps smooth the skin and mattify it is therefore essential.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to treatment and although hyperpigmentation spots are not permanent, they can take months to years to completely disappear.

NIVEA Luminous630® Anti-Blemish Serum performs the triple action the skin needs: smoothes, smoothes and plumps, with visible results already after two weeks, when blemishes start to open. Those who have already tried the product have confirmed that in 12 weeks it is possible to see a reduction in spots.

What does NIVEA Luminous Anti-Blemish Serum contain?

The first key ingredient in this anti-acne serum is Luminous630®, patented by NIVEA after 10 years of research in which more than 50,000 ingredients were analyzed. Luminous630® is the patented key ingredient in this formula, able to act at the cellular level to lighten hyperpigmentation.

Then there is salicylic acid, which we know very well as an ally in the fight against imperfections and which has a smoothing effect. Then we have green tea extract, which helps to balance the skin’s sebum, and finally hyaluronic acid to provide hydration.

Want to try Nivea’s Luminous Anti-Blemish Serum too?

To help you discover how effective this serum is, NIVEA is making it available to 50 selected users over the next few days to receive the product and try it out. If you are over 18, from October 23 to November 5 you can apply in the special section Applicants will be selected by November 8th and, if selected, will be required to complete a quality product questionnaire.

We will then share their results and opinions.

How to submit your application

To apply you will need:

1) Log in to the page specifically dedicated to the initiative on the website

2) Register correctly in the form by giving your first name, last name, email address, no. phone number, address, postal code, city, province, date of birth.

3) Answer honestly all the questions included in the suggested questionnaire.

4) Read the information and Terms & Conditions of the initiative on the dedicated page and accept the terms.

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