How to fix pname com facebook orca error on android Step by Step

pname com facebook orca

Do you ever experience about the pop up notification while using the Facebook App on your mobile device? Are you worries to receive the popping up-i.e. “Pname com facebook orca” has stopped working? Also worried for this error message is it responsible for various reasons?

So guys, welcome to my website. Today I will notice you complete knowledge about pname com Facebook orca. How does it work? Is it harmful for your device? How do you fix Facebook orca Error? Stay with us until complete the article. I hope this article definitely helpful to you.

What is pname com Facebook orca error? 

pname com facebook orca

Facebook orca is a pop-up error message for Android or iOS phones. It appears due to the dissimilarity between your phones and installed the Facebook messenger app. Because of this error on facebook messenger is hidden in your device.

So as a Facebook user when you gets misguided by a message that pops-up error message on your screen which says –

‘Unfortunately, the Facebook has stopped’ or ‘Sorry, the application for Messenger (process com.facebook.orca has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again’

This technical error is known as the pname com Facebook Orca Error for all over the world. It occurs whenever the Messenger experiences crash and fault due to several technical reasons. Then you have to understand that there is some conflict between your phone and facebook messenger.

What is a com facebook orca Folder?

A Pname Facebook Orca is actually the special code name of your Facebook messenger app. When you download the messenger app from the Play Store or App Store, automatically an empty folder created as name as com.facebook.orca.  

pname com facebook orca

Eventually, it will be filled up with several contents upon actively using the Facebook messenger app. This particular folder works as an archive to stores everything starting from your files, Videos, images, plug-ins to cache from the messenger app of your device.

Top 6 Reasons for Why Your Messenger Experiences orca error:

You might be surprised to see this warning message suddenly on your screen. And starting to think now what can affect on the Messenger. Actually, there were multiple reasons why a Messenger app is corrupted and displays a warning message in the display. Here are the possible reasons are given below:

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• Step 1: Overuse of the apps.
• Step 2: Simultaneously use the app with the other apps.
• Step 3: Use out-of-date application.
• Step 4: Accidentally remove of some of the files of the application.
• Step 5: Outmoded operating system.
• Step 6: Incomplete updated apps or operating system issues.

Due to the above causes, pname com Facebook orca suddenly displayed in your device. All of the apps have their own limits and we should be knowledgeable about how to cure these technical issues of our device.

Is Facebook Orca Virus or Malware?

Not at all!!

Fortunately, Facebook Orca is not a virus or malware. com.facebook.orca is not at all a virus. Under the file manager system, you can find the system default folders. You must recover all the deleted conversations on your Facebook messenger that you deleted.

Is it right to delete the folder?

People usually like to delete anything that stops working. They do the same thing when they see the Orca folder on their device. They simply delete it to get rid of the issue forever thinking that there is no use of it. The pop up message is inflexible and it reappears to bother you.

So I would definitely suggest you to do not delete the entire folder as much as possible. If you do this, it will permanently remove all the files, pictures, videos, and audios as your back up files.

How does pname com facebook orca work?

This particular folder helps you to recover your deleted messages on Facebook. The pop up message might annoy to you when you see it on your device. But using this orca you can recover your lost data on Facebook. It generally restarts your files in the same folder for with a huge space in the device compared to other folders.

How to Fix the Pname Com Facebook Orca Problem

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• Step 1: find the your phone and go to the settings.
• Step 2: continue to the Applications or Application Manager to browse the various apps.
• Step 3: Find the Facebook app.
• Step 4: Refresh the app then restart.
• Step 5: Try to open the Messenger app and check whether the pop-up message was gone or not.


Alternative method

There have also other solutions that will help you fix up the Pname Com Facebook Orca problem forever. Here are the best solutions are given below:

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• Step 1: first of all, Uninstall the Facebook or Messenger from your device and then Reinstall the latest edition again.
• Step 2: Go to the Facebook app itself and clear all the previous history.
• Step 3: Optimize all the functions of your app by using Cleaner and then restore the Functions of your apps.
• Step 4: Try to disable the Facebook App after that Enable it again.
• Step 5: Finally, Turn off the device and restart it three minutes later.


What will do if you still see the message displaying on the screen?

It may happen that you still confront the same old pop-up message displayed on the screen. This particular message might come across the device and says ‘Facebook app has unfortunately stopped’.

To get rid from this annoying issue completely, you need to uninstall the Facebook app from your Android device and restart the smart device. Then, install the Facebook app once again on Google Play Store app store.

Is the confusion to determine now?

As you have completely understood the importance of com facebook orca through this article. There are several ways to recover deleted conversation on Facebook Messenger App. You can check out the complete procedure through this article.

How to recover deleted messages from Facebook orca folder?

Some you remove messages from your Facebook app but sometimes it happened accidentally. You can get back those lost data by using pname com Facebook orca. To get back those lost messages, here are the steps, are given below:

  • First of all Explorer the file on your Smartphone, it helps to discover all the folders on your device. If you do not have file explorer, you can go to Google play store and click on the File Explorer or File Manager and download and install as soon as possible.
  • After completing the file explorer app installation, open File Explorer. Then go to SD/Storage on an Android folder. All the data interrelated applications are saved in this Android folder on your phone.
  • Then click on the Data folder
  • When you open the Data folder you will see the entire folder related to applications is present in it. Here, you can finally find the Com.Facebook.Orca.
  • You will see a folder named cache folder when you click on the Com.Facebook.Orca. This cache folder storage all the backup data of Facebook which contains Fb temp. With the help of this folder, you can recover all deleted conversations.

Another option to recover deleted messages

There is another optional method of retrieving deleted messages without the help of the file explorer app. To follow this procedure:

[su_box title=” ” box_color=”#F6AD06″]
Step -1 First you need to connect your mobile device with the computer with a USB port
Step -2 Find the com.facebook.orca folder.
Step-3 Then go to fb temp folder
Step -4 click on it to recover the deleted messages.

Final Words

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