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THEIs it your not-so-secret dream to wake up in the morning with gorgeous waves without having to put in any effort? You are in the right place.

How many times have we wrinkled our noses just at the thought of doing it permanent? In our imagination, a perm is something that grandmothers do to always have perfect hair or those who in the 80s wanted to show off very choppy and even voluminous fashionable hair.

Going from super straight to super curly isn’t part of our idea of ​​modern hair, unless it’s curls that mother nature gave us. What we like are the natural waves of effects, like the beach waves that we can now create with our eyes closed after years of practice that have made us black belts in using any styler.

This does not mean that beach waves disappear as soon as you wash your hair, so you start from scratch every time you have to style them. There permanent relocationalso called the waves of the beach permanently the soft perm – is the turning point that will change our lives and allow us to have crazy hair Of course wavy, textured and voluminous.

How does permanent relocation work?

“The perm is a chemical process that aims to modify the structure of the hair through the use of thioglycolic acid that serves to break the sulfur bridges of the shafts to give it a new shape through the use of a curling iron. The damage once caused by the perm is comparable to that of a significant discoloration!, explains Mattia Bonacina, hairdresser and artistic director of Smalto Milano.

“Today many perm products have been reformulated and the thioglycolic acid has been separated into three parts and enriched with proteins that neutralize its harmful effects, immediately reconstructing the damaged part. Today we are able to make permanents that deal 10-15% damage at most,” continues Bonacina. “With the less aggressive agent it is possible to use sponges that are much softer (the old formula would have broken them up) and allow you to manage not only the wave, but also the shape and size of the curl, allowing you to create a soft permthe permanent relocation“.

How long does a permanent move take?

“The effect of the perm lasts for about 3/4 months and then it starts to fade, a bit like creatine,” says the hairdresser.

How much does a permanent move cost?

“Since I propose ppermanent motion in a hair’s length which goes from the bob down, because it is a job that tends to blow up and give volume and that requires a session in the hair salon of about 2 hours / 2 and a half hours, the prices as always vary not only from city to city, but also from salon to salon and the materials used’. For a wavy or curly perm we start at 40 Euros for the classics, but with newer methodologies and materials it can reach 250/280 Euros.

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