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Nonot only sports-inspired fragrances but also refreshing, invigorating fragrances that help focus. Because the right fragrance can improve athletic performance and make us feel at our peak

The one in between Perfume And sport it is an unbreakable bond like that between mind and spirit. Because the right scent has enormous power over our minds – it’s no coincidence that smell is our most developed sense and has a huge influence on our emotions and the way we feel. And the mind, as we know, also affects our body.

But what is the relationship between fragrance and athletic performance? Are there olfactory notes that are more appropriate when we practice a sport? Can a perfume affect our athletic performance? We have this and more for the tennis player Martina Trevisanambassador of HEAD’s first women’s fragrance collection.

What is your relationship with perfume and the world of beauty?

The world of beauty and perfume has always fascinated me: I like to always look for the best products to take care of my body and feel comfortable in all situations.

Are there common values ​​between sports and beauty?

Absolutely yes. Sport is not only about commitment and dedication but also about taking care of yourself, your body and your mind. All the values ​​found in the world of beauty and that I look for both on and off the field. The final touch cannot be missing from my beauty routine: a perfume spray before facing the daily challenges!

Perfumes often have a beneficial effect on the mind: what are the most appropriate olfactory notes to accompany a sports performance? Are energizing or relaxing scents more appropriate?

Definitely, the scent helps me have the right energy, even before races. I love energizing perfumes with sparkling, fresh and delicious notes. I prefer a fragrance rich in citrus scents and that leaves a warm and intense trail on my skin. I think there are certain smells that we associate with positive memories and help us take things more lightly.

Do you like wearing perfume during your matches? If so, do you have a “lucky” olfactory note?

As I was saying, I tend to wear perfumes with fresh and fruity scents, especially when I travel around the world to hot places. In that sense, working with HEAD Fragrances was a very natural fit for me. The new Bliss, Elite and Spark fragrances fit my taste and style perfectly and it’s nice to be able to take them around the world with me. Personally, the one I wear most often is Bliss. The aromas of mango and passion fruit remind me of many past holidays and make me face my commitments with lightness and serenity.

How did your collaboration with Head fragrances come about?

I have always been passionate about beauty and perfumes. Traveling a lot to compete in various tournaments since I was young, whenever I have free time I like to walk around the cities I’m in and often happen to see beautiful perfumeries and go try new fragrances. When I was asked to be an ambassador for HEAD Fragrances, I immediately accepted with great enthusiasm. With this collaboration I can also share my passions, sports on the one hand and the world of beauty on the other.

The best perfumes for sports

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